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WIMUN INDIA 2017 - Agra

WIMUN INDIA – Agra 29 April, 2017 to 3 May, 2017

The World Federation of United Nations Organization in collaboration with MUN Cafe organized the WIMUN INDIA 2017 based on the theme “Achieving the 2030 Agenda” conference at The Jaypee Palace Hotel, Agra.

This MUN conference was unique in its rules of procedures, as it followed the UN4MUN procedures , designed by Mr Bill Yotive of United Nations based on the actual UN procedures. The delegation of The Shishukunj International School comprised of six delegates who represented Norway, Philippines and Central African Republic In GA1 and GA3 committees.

The agenda of GA1 was the development of Information and Communication technology, where the delegates were seen discussing the issue of accessibility of ICT to less developed nations in various social, political and economic spheres.

The agenda for the GA 3 committee was “Youth Empowerment”.

All the committees witnessed negotiations and consensus building and formulated the resolutions without voting.

The opening ceremony was blessed by Mr. Derk Seggar, Director UNIC who motivated the delegates to act in collaboration to solve international problems. Opening Plenary of the GA witnessed 10 speakers which included Pious Khemka from our school.

The Secretariat provided UN4MUN procedural training to the delegates and the teachers.

Bill Yotive, Katherine Bonner and Christopher Siakkas from Greece conducted the training sessions.

The committee sessions of the Security Council 1 and Security Council 2, GA 1, GA 2 and GA 3 focused on finding solutions to existing global challenges and achieving the goal of sustainable development.


The Shishukunj International School delegates contributed to the conference resolutions by building up consensus and presenting their statements with substantive content and confidence. The delegation was awarded the trophy for the BEST SMALL DELEGATION by WFUNA INDIA.

Pranavi Agrawal won the diplomacy award at GA3 committee as Norway.

Delegations were put under the leadership forum conducted by Mrs Mansukhani of The Flame University, Pune. Aditya Soma, the CEO of MUN Cafe introduced the students to the leadership development programs launched by The MUN Cafe.

The closing plenary was presided by Mohammad Iqbal Omar who was serving as the president of the General Assembly. He read the resolutions and declared them passed with consensus. The closing ceremony was blessed by Mr Gary Fowlie, Head of ITU at the United Nations headquarter at New York. He appreciated the delegates for their collaborative skills displayed during the conference.

The delegates who participated from our school were Samyak Shrimal, Pranavi Agrawal, Pious Khemka, Aditya Rathi, Prarabdh Shivhare and Zubin Turakhia. The delegation Manager was Mrs Shuchi Khanna.

The conference saw the participation of 250 delegates from leading schools across the world and was an enriching experience for all the delegates.


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