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Shri Jugrajji Mehta English Word Power Competition 2017


Undoubtedly the 6th Shri Jugrajji Mehta English Literary Competition – Word Power, once again proved to be a competition worth remembering ! Truly it was an opportunity that was one of its kind for all the bibliophiles and lexicomanes to dig up their minds and enjoy the ride, for certainly the word battle was more than a joyride for such adept minds.

There were over 30 participants from Classes VII and VIII from 15 schools of the city. As always, the core idea behind the competition was to provide the participants a platform to sharpen their skills and kindle their interest towards language and the magic that it creates. The aim of the competition was to assess students on their knowledge of words, their correct usage, synonyms, antonyms , etc. The competition was entirely based on the glossary of 500 words sent to the schools about 10 days in advance.


All participants first went through a Preliminary Round, and on the basis of the scores achieved, the top teams were selected for the final round. The team from The Shishukunj International School qualified for the final round, but being the host school, they did not participate in the Final Quiz.

The winning teams were :

  • First Position : Excellent Word Power – Advanced Academy
  • Second Position : Commendable Word Power- Mount Literra Zee School
  • Third Position: Praiseworthy Word Power – The Emerald Heights International School

A special mention to the students who anchored the show – they conducted and channelized the programme to it rightly deserved climax. Their smart, poised and extremely careful stage conduct added to the perfection of the whole event.

The students who anchored the show were :
     1. Advika Singh X F
     2. DIti Rawat XI G
     3. Hridhima Tyagi X B
     4. Vasudha Gupta XD
     5. Vedika Chawla X E
     6. Riddhi Singhania X D

Finally the event concluded with the vote of Thanks and the National Anthem.

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