CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239
Let Every Bud Bloom
Rohan Singhal excels in Music

Our heartiest congratulations to Rohan Singhal of Class VI-E for his exemplary achievements in the field of music.

1. He participated in the National Harmonica League at Bristle (UK) , Youth Category in Solo Jazz/ Solo Blues & Rock/ Solo Melody - and received Player of the Year Award in all three categories

Harmonica Duo - he played with his grandfather and received Player of the Year award

2. He participated in the World Harmonica Championship - November 2017 at Trossingen, Germany

*Diatonic Blues/Rock/Folk/Country and secured the 5th Position

*Solo Diatonic/Jazz/Melody - secured the 3rd Position

Well done Rohan. The Shishukunj family salutes you. Keep it up!


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