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Shishyans visit Madhya Pradesh Flying Club

The NCC Cadets of the school visited the MP flying club on 19th April, 2019. The purpose of the visit was to learn about the parts of the aircraft and their working. Students had the wonderful opportunity of interacting with Wing Commander Amit Vyas who gave them detailed knowledge of the cockpit of the air craft. The cadets also had the opportunity to fly around Indore for an hour. They were also taught the importance of the air traffic controller and communication between him and the pilot.

The cadets who went for the enriching experience were:

Sr. No. Student Name Class / Sec.
1. Ritika Vyas X D
2. Nirali Mahajan X C
3. Pavani Goli IX G
4. Atharv Sachdev X C
5. Bhavya Modi IX D
6. Ayushman Agrawal Hingorani IX G
7. Soumitra Chaurey IX A
8. Shourya Khandelwal IX C
9. Priyansh Jain IX E



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