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Shishyans Attend WIMUN, Agra

WIMUN India, organised by the World Federation of United Nations Association 2019 was held from 29 April to 2 May 2019 at Jaypee Palace, Agra. 14 students from our school participated in the conference accompanied by Mrs. Rasika Mairal. The fourth edition of WIMUN commenced with the Secretary General’s swing of the gavel to declare the conference open. Bill Yotive, WFUNA’s Model UN coordinator threw light on the advantages of being a part of WIMUN. His intellectual words catalysed delegates witnessing the ceremony. In addition to this, Eric Falt, the Director of UNESCO, New Delhi invigorated delegates to make a change and have a renewed sense of responsibility in order to secure a sustainable future for the future generations. The Opening Plenary was marked by Member States of the UN making statements giving prominence to their respective stances on various agendas. Besides this there were the training sessions of respective committees by the UN officials which enlightened delegates on the existing UN procedures. Shishyans Ayushan Agrawal Hingorani and Tamanna Chhabra delivered speeches on the opening plenary.


Practising the spirit of WIMUN, the delegates focused on their short speeches and then consensus in moderated and unmoderated ways. After some heated arguments and differences in standpoints all committees achieved consensus. The last adjustments and amendments resulted in pragmatic and pristine draft resolutions. This memorable conference concluded with the adoption of all resolutions and the Award Ceremony. Disha Gupta of Class X D won the diplomacy award for her cogent attitude in the committee. WIMUN India 2019 was an enriching experience for all.

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