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Workshop for Educators : June 13, 2019

‘Teachers affect eternity, one can never tell where their influence stops.’

A different school of thought, The Shishukunj International School, Indore organized an interactive workshop on ‘ Effective Classroom Management Through Mind Mapping ’ by Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra, a National Award winning academic evangelist, on June 13, 2019.

There was a participation of about 120 ebullient teachers. The cornerstone of this workshop was the effective classroom management using ‘mind maps’ and how to establish rapport with the young minds. Dr Mehrotra threw light on the fact that the Gen Y teachers should not only be tech savvy but also tech strong.

The workshop was cut up into two sessions. The first session concentrated on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is slowly taking over the entire world, thus teachers of this generation need to walk an extra mile to enable, encourage and endow every child for a lifelong pursuit of learning.

The introduction of the Total Quality Concept of Japan, the 3 K’s – KODO, KAGNE and KAIZEN meaning continuous thinking, continuous acting and continuous improvement of the teachers opened a new horizon.

Dr Mehrotra emphasized the fact that teachers need to understand the students on an individual basis, so they have to be SMART (Systematic, Meticulous, Artistic, Realistic and Tactful). This was followed by a riveting activity for the teachers where they had to design a Mind Map on ‘Classroom Distractions.’

The second session of the seminar had wonderful presentations of the mind maps designed by the educators where they specified the reasons of distractions and the probable solutions. Dr Mehrotra teamed this seminar up with engaging videos on how one should balance the virtual world with real life teaching.

The seminar left the teachers with an augmented knowledge of core competency, team work and situational leadership.


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