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Let Every Bud Bloom
Workshop for Educators : June 18, 2019

The school organized a workshop on ‘Pedagogy in the Age of Internet’ on 18June 2019. The resource person was Dr. Sapna Agrawal ,an eminent educationist and motivational speaker. The day’s session commenced with thought-provoking questions like, “What is the biggest challenge for a present day teacher?”, “What are the interesting ways to handle difficult listeners?”, “How can a facilitator effectively replace the digital window?”

The enthusiastic educators brainstormed their ideas and actively participated in discussions progressing the session in full throttle. Ideas were further substantiated by Dr.Agrawal with activities like- ‘Crossing the river’(based on Disaster Management) and ‘Passing the Ball on Newspaper’ ( based on team work ). The activities were quite aptly curetted to provoke heuristic understanding and enliven the atmosphere.

Discussions on efficiently engaging a heterogeneous class, reaching out to fulfill individual necessities with student-centered learning, bridging the gap between mentor and learner with hands-on training, etc were touched upon and acted as food for thought. All participants unanimously arrived at the consensus that to facilitate learning for the young minds of Gen-Y one needs to be tech-smart and updated with the new trends.

The session concluded leaving the educators soul-searching on an insightful note that despite reaching the digital age, the role of a teacher will never diminish. However, a teacher , being the moderator of change and the visionary of the future, needs to keep upgrading himself/herself continually, efficaciously and tirelessly to envision a better tomorrow.

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