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Let Every Bud Bloom
DA Syllabus
AFS Effect + Workshop : June 20, 2019

On an otherwise long and uneventful summer day, about 40 Shishyans from Classes X-XII had the opportunity to attend the Effect + Workshop conducted by Mrs. Sarita Badhwar ( Consultant, AFS India) which invoked an insightful perspective on the ripples an individual can create in this world. Each activity was focused on giving students a hands-on experience of concepts like the Butterfly Effect. The directed flow of content throughout the workshop gave students the understanding of the modern-day application of textbook ideals. While developing themselves into globally aware citizens and change-makers, students reflected on the niche they hold in society.

Through a running discussion on UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), students were made to understand the gravity of the situation. Breaking down global issues like economic disparity, the activities encouraged everyone to look at them with a new perspective. An embodiment of the famous slogan “Think Global, Act Local,” the activities led students to consider how the smallest acts can bring about a difference. Students were asked to develop their own definitions of everything from sustainable development to global citizenship. The workshop was a truly engaging affair that introduced students to the true meaning of intercultural learning and global competence.

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