CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239
Let Every Bud Bloom
MUN Workshop July 14-15 2019

In preparation of the Shishukunj MUN to be held from 02-04 August 2019 the school organised a workshop for the bureau members on July 14 and 15 , 2019.  Mr Anansh Prasad and Mr Jayant from Skillsphere Education Mumbai conducted the workshop for 35 members of the Bureau and guided them on the implementation of the procedures to be followed during the conference. The members of the SHISHUKUNJMUN 2019 Secretariat were also present during the conference. This was the final phase of training of the bureau, before they conduct the workshops for the delegates and implement the procedures confidently during the upcoming conference.

With this intensive two day training, the Shishukunj bureau is well prepared to conduct the Shishukunj MUN 2019, which we are sure, will be a grand success.

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