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Let Every Bud Bloom

November 05, 2018 :- 6th Alumni Meet

A large number of Shishukunj Alumni turned up for the 6th Alumni Meet of the school. In an informal gathering, everyone, Shishyans and educators alike, travelled down the memory lane recalling fond memories of the time spent together in school.


July 16, 2018:-Alumni Speaks

In a new initiative, the school invited Muskan Salgia, an alumni of the school (Batch of 2015-16) to address the senior students. Muskan is presently pursuing her Graduation from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.


She spoke at length about how crucial Classes XI and XII are for the students. She dwelt on the importance of time management, prioritizing your tasks and also knowing your strengths and weaknesses . Balancing academics with co curricular activities was an important point she touched upon. With relevant examples of her own journey to college, she was able to connect instantly with students, who had a plethora of questions to ask her. The interactive session that followed was conducted in an open and friendly manner and each student had a lot of ponder over after leaving the session.

The school has plans to invite its alumni at regular intervals to enable the present Shishyans to gain from their rich experience.

October 17, 2017:-Fifth Alumni Meet

It was once again a time for bonhomie and togetherness as the Alumni of the school came in large numbers for the 5th Alumni Meet of the school. Memories were refreshed as students shared precious moments with their teachers and classmates.

Several Alumni decided to get together and plan some new activities for the future meets. We are sure their plans will bear fruit and strengthen the bond between the alumni and the school.


October 28, 2016:-Fourth Alumni Meet

It was time once again for the Alumni of the school to get together on 28 October 2016. Approximately 150 Alumni of the school participated in this meet which was a great platform to meet the teachers. The meet was marked with smiles and a spirit of bonhomie and the students just could not have enough of their favourite foods prepared very specially for them by the school. Many took the opportunity to visit their old classrooms and also visit the libraries and the labs. Anything to refresh memories of the good old times spent at Shishukunj !


Third Alumni Meet

The 3rd Alumni Meet of the school was held on Monday 09 November 2015. Over 130 students attended the meet, full of smiles and nostalgia for the years spent in their alma mater.

The Alumni interacted with the teachers and shared information of their present College, job or profession. Teachers beamed with pride to see their students bloom so beautifully.

The memorable ceremony ended with promises to keep in touch and selfies to remember each other by!

2nd Alumni Meet at Shishukunj

The school proudly hosted the Second Alumni Meet on 21 October 2014. The time for this meet was chosen with great thought . It was held on the auspicious day of Dhanteras, when most of the outstation students return to the city to celebrate Diwali with their families.

Over 125 alumni of the school from the various batches attended the meet. They were delighted to meet their teachers and revisit the school campus. The OTS of the senior school building resounded with chatter and laughter of the senior Shishyans.

Aishwarya Thakur, Aishwarya Saksena, Radhika Khandelwal, Tanay Dowlani and Harshvardhan Barve volunteered to co ordinate the future Alumni meets and take this event forward year after year.



1st Alumni Meet at Shishukunj

The First Alumni Meet of the school was held on the 01 November 2013. Great thought and consideration was given to the date when this meet would be held , so as to make it convenient for a large number of our alumni to attend the same. Finally the very auspicious day of Dhanteras , 01 November was chosen for this meet.

Over 150 alumni of the school , right from the very first uptil the most recent batches of the school attended this meet. Nostalgia filled the air as the students interacted with teachers and recalled the wonderful times spent in the institution. Laughter and chatter resounded in the campus as they exchanged news and views with each other. Students of the earlier batches were delighted to see the expansion of the campus and the upgradation of the facilities in all spheres.

The students congratulated the school for the effort made to get the alumni together and welcomed the proposition that this would now be an annual event.


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