CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239
Let Every Bud Bloom
Infrastructure and Facilities


The Shishukunj International School is ideally located, away from the hustle and bustle of Indore city, in a serene ambience conducive to studies and joyful learning.

The school campus is spread over 20 acres with constructed area of 1,59,400 sq. ft. (Senior Wing) and 1,59,280 sq. ft. (Junior Wing). The beautifully landscaped gardens are a perfect setting for this temple of learning . Vast open spaces give a feeling of 'openess' to both mind and body.



Classrooms at Shishukunj are equipped with audio / visual aids and large display boards for better teaching and understanding of subjects being taught. Every class is a 'Smart Class'.

Science labs

State-of-the-art equipment features in the science labs with proper space allocated for experiments and other scientific projects.


The libraries are spacious, well stocked and complete with audio / visual aids. They are a storehouse of the latest books, periodicals and reference materials.



Shishukunj has excellent facilities for a variety of sports like athletics, aquatics, cricket, football, tennis, table tennis, skating, badminton, squash and Basket Ball (synthetic basket ball court). That a healthy body leads to a healthy mind is a fact well recognized at Shishukunj. Yoga and aerobics apart from other activities form the core of the physical fitness training. Awareness about health is also a key subject that is extensively dwelt upon on a regular basis.


Computer and Language labs

The school is well equipped with computer labs having multiple workstations and Language lab with state-of-the art technology.

Art & Craft complex

To let the creativity within bloom, the spacious art and craft complex, designed by NID graduates, is well equipped with all the resources necessary for pursuing the arts and induce creative experiments and innovation. 

Dance, Music and other Performing Arts

The performing arts have been given great importance at Shishukunj with facilities serving as a perfect platform to bring creative expressions to the fore.


Two auditoriums with a seating capacity of 1500 and 800 respectively are fully equipped with state-of-the art audio and visual aids. They make for a perfect venue for a host of school / inter school events.




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