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Inter House Events

August 07, 2019 :- Inter House Hindi Declamation Competition

The Inter House Hindi Declamation Competition gave a platform to Shiyshans of Classes IX – XII to emulate inspiring speeches of famous personalities. Each house was represented by two speakers who spoke for 4 minutes each. The choice of speakers was excellent with speeches ranging from that of Mr. Narendra Modi, Ms. Jaya Kishori, and Mr. Kumar Vishwas to Mr. Amitabh Bachan. The students spoke with great confidence while the audience listened in rapt attention. The participants were :

# Kalam House

  • Atharva Sanganeria X G
  • Gargi Maheshwari XI F

# Dhyanchand House

  • Asmi Manudhane XI G 
  • Harshit Khandelwal X B

# Kurien House

  • Parth Saklecha XI B
  • Soumya Tiwari XI G

# Narayanmurthy House

  • Hrishubh Zatakia IX D
  • Stuti Rawat IX E


The result was as follows:

Position Name of Student
I Atharva Sanganeria X G
II Gargi Maheshwari XI F
III Stuti Rawat IX E


Inter House Wall Magazine

The 4 big display boards in the OTS are being put to excellent use to display the creativity of Shishyans. It is the ‘stage’ for the Inter House Wall Magazine Competition which is held every month.

July 2019 2019

Subject : Science

Topic : Can we Geo - engineer our way out of Climate Change ?


  • FIRST : Dhyanchand House
  • SECOND : Kurien House
  • THIRD : Kalam House


July 26, 2019 :- Inter House Word Power Competition

Organized with the aim of empowering the students with a good language and vocabulary and to enhance their knowledge of the English language, the Inter House Word Power Competition conducted for students of Classes VI - VIII was a huge success. The competition was based on the list of 500 words which was provided to the students well in advance. The entire competition was based on these words.


The competition was divided into six rounds i.e. Spell Me Right, Use Me Right, Synonyms &, Antonyms, Idioms, Proverbs, Jumbled Letters and the Rapid Fire Round. All the teams were well prepared and participated enthusiastically. The animations included in this show were the icing on the cake and contributed immensely in making the show very interesting and enjoyable.

The results were as follows :

  • First Position:  Kurien House
  • Second Position: Narayanmurthy House
  • Third Position: Kalam House

A special mention to the students who anchored the show – they conducted and channelized the programme to its rightly deserved climax. Their smart, poised and extremely careful stage conduct added to the perfection of the whole event.



July 24, 2019 :- Inter-House English Turncoat Debate

Organised with the aim to develop and assess the speaker's skill of seeing a situation from all perspectives, this is a novel form of debate in which the debater expresses points of view in favour of the topic, as well as against it, and in the end consolidates both the ideas. Students from Classes IX-XII participated in this Inter House Turncoat Debate. Each of the four houses had two participants, who had been selected after going through a rigourous audition process. The participants were given the topic on the very day of the competition, and had just two and a half hours to formulate and memorize the debate.The topic given was : ‘It is a free world- Refugees should be allowed to settle in any country ‘. With no help and resources other than Internet access, the participants came up with impressive speeches leaving the audience spellbound.


On the stage, each of the participants assertively expressed views on allowing refugees to settle anywhere globally. We are all human beings and the world belongs to no one state or country exclusively, so it is morally right to give refuge to people who come knocking at our doors. Having said this, they ‘turned the coat’ and stated that while accepting refugees improves foreign relations it may also disturb the host country’s economy and spread terrorism. With countries already grappling with their own resources and problems, how are they expected to give asylum to refugees ? So keeping in mind the practical aspect , refuges should not be given the freedom to take up residence in any country , but their own.

While the results were being tabulated a few participants shared their experience of preparing and participating in this debate. They confessed that they were nervous, but that such an activity was a learning experience for them. It has boosted their confidence and motivation to grab every opportunity that comes their way.

The individual positions secured were:

  • 1 st position- Hiya Aidasani - Class XI F - Kurien House
  • 2 nd position- Sanika Ghodke - Class XI D - Narayan Murthy House
  • 3 rd position- Vidhi Dev - Class XI G - Dhyanchand House

The overall house positions were:

  • 1 st position- Narayan Murthy House
  • 2 nd position- Kalam House
  • 3 rd position- Dhyanchand House


July 17, 2019 :- House Meet

Dhyanchand House

Housemistress : Mrs. Neelam Bhasin
Co-housemistress : Mrs. Hemlata Jose

The house meet of Dhyanchand commenced with a rousing speech delivered by the Housemistress, Mrs. Neelam Bhasin, highlighting the importance of co curricular activities and encouraging students to step up and participate in the various house activities. The newest members of the house - students of Class VI - were particularly enthusiastic about the same. This was followed by the introduction of house activities for the year by the co-housemistress, Mrs. Hemlata Jose.

The new office bearers of the house encouraged the students to pull up their socks and get ready for giving their all for the house. This was followed by an informative video on the life and achievements of Major Dhyanchand. A short quiz based on the video was also conducted, which bolstered into students the various qualities that made Major Dhyanchand so successful on the field. The office bearers then presented a song to motivate the students and ignite their sense of pride and belonging towards their house.

As the house meet concluded, the teachers of the house gave a stupendous performance of songs, which left the students waiting for an encore. Everyone left the auditorium with a new vigor infused within them, and a new drive to win the House Trophy was clearly visible.

Kalam House

Housemistress : Mrs. Neelima Vyas
Co-housemistress : Mrs. Nabamita Das

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam was a man known for his vision and belief in hard work. In the first house meet of the session 2019-20, students of Kalam House paid tribute to this great leader and pledged to emulate his qualities.

The newly elected captains reflected upon the past performance of the house, and what the future might look like if the students gear up and commit to the success of the house. The teachers motivated the students to be leaders in their own right and lead by example. Along with words of wisdom, the house meet was infused with enthusiasm through short question and answer sessions and games. The highlight of the house meet was the reveal of the session’s calendar with all the activities planned for it. The student’s cheered as every activity was presented, showing their eagerness to dive into the plethora of activities.

By the end of the house meet, the students looked excited to be back and running for the coveted house trophy!

Kurien House

Housemistress : Mrs. Yogini Dandwate
Co-housemistress : Mrs. Claris Prasad

The house meet of Kurien house started on a vibrant note with Mr. PJ Thomas, the former Housemaster of Kurien house, enumerating the past achievements of the House. He thanked the office bearers and the participants for their hard work and commitment. This was followed by a cordial welcome of the new Housemistress of Kurien House, Mrs. Yogini Dandwate, who engaged everyone with her motivating story. The new office bearers took this meet as an opportunity to interact with other students of the house, and conducted various engaging games. All new activities to be held this session were also introduced. The melodious singing by Mr. Arvind Pathak and a special band performance by students hooked all the music lovers. The meet ended with a smile on each student’s face, looking forward to participate in the new activities with a new “josh”.

Narayanmurthy House

Housemistress : Mrs. Meenal Gadre
Co-housemistress : Mrs. Ritu Kalra

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will think of itself as foolish its whole life.” This was the opening sentence of the first house meet of Narayan Murthy House. It highlighted the fact that everybody has different talents and skills and the school is here to give a platform to all students to nurture and promote their talents.

The House Mistress, Mrs. Meenal Gadre delivered a motivating speech and through a short story encouraged the students to work hard and follow their dreams. She also gave interesting introductions of all the house teachers, highlighting their special talents and qualities.

This was followed by an interesting quiz, a poetry recitation, a story on Narayan Murthy, a power point presentation on the activities listed out for this year, a beautiful rendition of the house jingle and another soothing musical performance at the end.

Overall, the new office bearers took this opportunity to break the ice with their house mates and encouraged them to take forward the ever-victorious legacy of the house by participating in various house events.


January 26, 2019 :- House with the Best Performance in the academic session 2018-19

Based on the performance of the houses in the various Inter House activities conducted throughout the year, the coveted trophy for the House with the Best Performance in the academic session 2018-19 was won by Narayanmurthy House.

January 26, 2019 :- House with the highest attendance on Republic Day

The trophy for the house with the highest attendance on Republic Day 2019 was won by Kalam House.

January 15, 2019 :- Maths Quiz

The fight of the numbers took place on 15 January 2019 as students of Classes VI – VIII took their positions to battle it out during the Maths Quiz.

The teams racked their brains, added, subtracted, divided and multiplied , quickly and correctly to come up with the correct answers. The questions were as varied as they were twisted , but all students rose to the challenge and gave each other a tough fight.

The results were as follows:

  • First Position : Kurien House
  • Second Position : Narayanmurthy House
  • Third Position : Dhyanchand House

November 24, 2018 :- Hindi Declamation

Students and teachers alike were held spellbound by riveting speeches presented by Shishyans during the Inter-House Hindi Declamation Competition.

The results of the competition are as follows:

Individual Result:

  • First Position: Hiya Aidasani, X A
  • Second Position: Amaysikirti Khurasia, XI F
  • Third Position: Arnav Sharma, X C

Overall House Result:

  • First Position: Dhyanchand House
  • Second Position: Narayanmurthy House
  • Third Position: Kurien House


August 15, 2018 :- Independence Day Celebrations

An Interhouse Folk competition was organised in which the Sindhi, Rajasthani, Bengali and Malvi songs were presented. The results were as follows :

  • First Position: Kalam House
  • Second Position : Narayan Murthy House
  • Third Position: Dhanychand House


The coveted trophy for the house with the highest attendance was won by Dhanychand house.

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