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Inter House Wall Magazine

The 4 big display boards in the OTS are being put to excellent use to display the creativity of Shishyans. It is the ‘stage’ for the Inter House Wall Magazine Competition which is held every month.


August 2017 – Theme: Social Networking -- A Boon or a Bane ?

  • FIRST : Narayanmurthy House
  • SECOND : Kalam House
  • THIRD : Dhyanchand House


July 2017 – Theme: Water Conservation

  • FIRST : Kalam House
  • SECOND : Dhyanchand House
  • THIRD : Kurien House


June 2017 – Theme: Globalization and Its Impact on Culture

  • FIRST : Kurien House
  • SECOND : Narayanmurthy House
  • THIRD : Dhyanchand House


August 18, 2017 :- English Declamation - Classes IX - XI

Steve Jobs, Kailash Satyarthi , Shashi Tharoor , Narendra Modi , Martin Luther King, along with many others came alive on stage during the English Declamation Competition held for Classes IX - XI.

The students delivered excellent speeches and were able to emulate the tone and mannnerisms of the original speakers. The audience listened with rapt attention and applauded each speaker enthusiastically.

The results were as follows :

Individual Result

  • I    - Adviteeya Khujneri - Kalam House
  • II  - Hardik Pamdey - Narayanmurthy House
  • III - Jai Rathi - Kurien House

Overall House Result

  • First Position: Narayanmurthy House
  • Second Position: Kalam House
  • Third Position: Kurien House


August 17, 2017 :- General Knowledge Quiz Classes VI - VIII

An interesting quiz to assess the general knowledge of the students was conducted on 17 August 2017.

Over 300 questions were posted on the school website and all students of Classes VI - VIII went through a preliminary test to select the finalists for the quiz. The quiz comprised of interesting rounds based on current affairs , sports, films, history, science, etc. The Bidding Round and the Rapid Fire Round tilted the scores and led the quiz to a nail biting finish.

The results were as follows :

  • First Position: Kalam House
  • Second Position: Dhyanchand House
  • Third Position: Kurien and Narayanmurthy House


July 28, 2017 :- Inter House Hindi Debate

After the very successful Hindi Debate on 29 June 2017, the forever brimming with energy, Hindi department organized another debate, albeit with a difference. This time the debate was organized for students who had not participated in a public speaking competition before. The talent unearthed was immense and it was a delight to see the students speak with such confidence and conviction. Speakers for and against the motion argued vehemently on the topic,' In the Present Social Scenario, Old Age Homes are the Need of the Hour'. Their arguments were so convincing that it was difficult to decide whether to take a stand 'for ' or against' the motion.

The results were as follows :

Speaking For the Motion

I - Yashowardhan Dubey       Narayanmurthy House
II - Rusham Singh Bais         Dhyanchand House

Speaking Against the Motion

I - Parin Agrawal                   Narayanmurthy House
II - Gurjot Singh Bedi            Dhyanchand House

This debate was indeed a great initiative by the Hindi Department and a stupendous effort by all the participants.

Heartiest Congratulations to all.


June 30, 2017 :- Inter House Word Power Competition

Organized with the aim of empowering the students with a good language and vocabulary and to enhance their knowledge of the English language, the Inter House Word Power Competition for students of Classes VI - VIII was a huge success. The competition was based on the list of 500 words which were provided to the students well in advance. The entire competition was based on these words.


The competition was divided into six rounds i.e. Spell Me Right, Use Me Right, Synonyms &, Antonyms, Idioms, Proverbs, Jumbled Letters and the Rapid Fire Round. All the teams were well prepared and participated enthusiastically. The animations included in this show were the icing on the cake and contributed immensely in making the show very interesting and enjoyable.

The results were as follows :

  • First Position: Narayanmurthy House
  • Second Position: Dhyanchand House
  • Third Position: Kalam House


June 29, 2017 :- Inter House Hindi Debate (Classes IX - XII)

It was a war of words at the Inter House Hindi Debate Competition organized for students of Classes IX - XII . The topic was 'To Appear Modern, western life style and English Language are not necessary '

The students were well prepared and argued vehemently both for and against the motion. The rebuttal round was a further test of their mettle and all students were ready with very convincing answers, making the task of the judges extremely difficult.

The result of the competition was as follows :

Speaking For the Motion

  • First Position: Amaysikirti Khurasiya - Dhyanchand House
  • Second Position: Khyati Vyas - Narayanmurthy House

Speaking Against the Motion

  • First Position: Om Agrawal - Narayanmurthy House
  • Second Position: Jai Joshi - DhyanchandHouse


Student Council 2017-2018

Following is the list of Student Council members for the session 2017-2018

Head Girl Head Boy
    Ms. Juhee Goyal - XII E     Mst. Pranit Gupta - XII A
Vice Head Girl Vice Head Boy
    Ms. Aastha Kapoor - XII G
    Ms. Tanishka Goswami - XII G
    Mst. Aadit Runwal- XII G
    Mst. Nakul Goyal - XII D
Cultural Secretary
    Mst. Arnav Gupta - XII A
    Ms. Kavya Julka - XII G
    Ms. Nandini Pillai - XII G
MUN Secretary
    Ms. Anushka Nadkar - XII G
    Mst. Mohammed Alavi - XII D
Sports Secretary
    Ms. Nandini Zalani - XII A
    Mst. Neil Patel - XII D
    Ms. Shravi Jain - XII A
Student Editor
    Ms. Anushka Mimani - XII G
    Ms. Avadhi Dass - XII A
    Ms. Pious Khemka - XII B


Office Bearers 2017-2018

Following is the list of office bearers for the session 2017-2018

Senior Office Bearers

Dhyanchand   Kalam
Captains Captains
    Ms. Swasti Solanki - XI E     Ms. Shruti Biyani - XI B
    Mst. Jai Joshi - XI B     Mst. Abhimanyu Sethia - XI D
Vice - Captains Vice - Captains
    Ms. Ashlesha Purohit - X E     Ms. Sheel Kataria - X C
    Mst. Prakhar Khandelwal - X A     Mst. Adviteeya Khujneri - X C
Sports - Captains Sports - Captains
    Ms. Rishita Kankaria - X G     Ms. Simran Julka - X E
    Mst. Lakshya Parikh - XI A     Mst. Samyak Shrimal - X G
Kurien   Narayanmurthy
Captains Captains
    Ms. Omisha Purohit - XI E     Ms. Jivya Vaidya - XI G
    Mst. Jay Rathi - XI E     Mst. Ishaan Nyati - XI C
Vice - Captains Vice - Captains
    Ms. Riddhi Singhania - X D     Ms. Vedika Chawla - X E
    Mst. Dhruv Rajoria - X D     Mst. Hardik Pandey - X F
Sports - Captains Sports - Captains
    Ms. Vartika Jain - XI G     Ms. Shreya Chhajed - XI G
    Mst. Madhav Kapoor - X G     Mst. Achyut Anand - X B


Junior Office Bearers

Dhyanchand   Kalam
Captains Captains
    Ms. Ankita Jain - VIII G     Ms. Sanjana Goyal - VIII C
    Mst. Yugaank Pathak - VIII A     Mst. Kanishk Rawka - VIII G
Vice - Captains Vice - Captains
    Ms. Koshika Jhavar - VII D     Ms. Anwesha Ghosh - VII F
    Mst. Atharv Rangole - VII B     Mst. Archit Khandelwal - VII B
Sports - Captains Sports - Captains
    Ms. Janvi Nadkar - VII A     Ms. Manvi Agrawal - VIII D
    Mst. Shubhanshu Kodwani - VIII C     Mst. Navya Jain - VII G
Student Editor Student Editor
    Ms. Radhika Rathi - VII F     Ms. Nirali Mahajan - VIII A
Kurien   Narayanmurthy
Captains Captains
    Ms. Ayurda Trivedi - VIII A     Ms. Radhika Bhagwat - VIII D
    Mst. Kevin Thomas - VIII F     Mst. Rishit Jain - VII C
Vice - Captains Vice - Captains
    Ms. Anwesha Jain - VII F     Ms. Stuti Rawat - VII F
    Mst. Tejaswa Singh Mehra - VII B     Mst. Prakrat Agrawal - VII A
Sports - Captains Sports - Captains
    Ms. Saniya Wadhwani - VIII G     Ms. Mahika Khandelwal - VIII C
    Mst. Drashtadyumna Juneja - VIII G     Mst. Dhananjay Dora - VIII B
Student Editor Student Editor
    Mst. Dravya Shah - VII C     Mst. Aryan Singh Tomar - VII B



The Investiture Ceremony is the grand occasion which embarks the day of commencement of duties of the students selected to lead the school. On the 19 th of June, 2017, the ceremony was held in beautifully adorned senior wing auditorium of the school for the newly appointed Student Council, Senior, and Junior office bearers.

The ceremony began with the floral welcome of the esteemed guests of honour- Mr. and Mrs. Sandeep Naolekal by the school Principal Mrs. Lalita Singh. The sports secretary then positioned the school flag to commence the ceremony. It was indeed a proud moment for the school when the newly appointed student council, introduced by the school Vice Principal Mrs. Vasundhara Ohri, immaculately marched on the stage and took the grand oath. The oath was a promise that all the leaders would fulfil their duties with sincerity and dedication.

Next on stage to take the oath were the senior and junior office bearers who were introduced by their respective house mistresses.


The ceremony came to an end with Mr. Naolekar's kind words of wisdom that inspired and motivated all Shishyans to take up their responsibilities with zeal and fulfil them to the best of their abilities.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the student leaders of the school.


HOUSE MEET 2017-18

The session 2017-18 has officially begun! On June 10, 2017, the first house meet was conducted, thus marking the commencement of this year’s inter house activities. Shishukunj has four houses - Dhyanchand, Kalam, Kurien and Narayana Murthy- each named after a prominent figure and unique in its own way.

The purpose of a house meet is to motivate and enthuse the students about participating in the various inter house competitions and do their part to bring their house a step closer to winning the coveted house trophy! All the teachers are grouped into these four houses and guide the students through different inter-house competitions.

The house meet of each house `began with a motivating speech by the housemistress. They then listed the achievements of the house during the previous year and motivated the students to surpass them in the following year. The new office bearers were introduced and honored.

The meet was truly inspirational and gave different perspectives and ideas on how to move forward this year. All in all, the house meet was a good start to the Inter House activities of the academic session 2017-18.


English Creative Writing Competition 2016-17

English Creative Writing Competition was conducted in Classes VI – X in October 2016. The students were given a prompt – either a visual , a phrase or a sentence and they were required to write about it in the most creative manner. The write ups were worth reading as students successfully wove stories and poems around the given theme. These write ups have been uploaded on the school blog.


Class VI Divit Khandelwal VI C
Aryan Tomar VI D
Advaith Krishnan VI G
Class VII Syena Nagar VII C
Anjali Dhakad VII A
Ananya Saggi VII D
Class VIII Manas Bhatia VIII A
Ronit Banerjee VIII C
Shlok Sabarwal VIII F
Class IX Hardik Pandey IX F
Ishika Mundhra IX A
Anushka Gupta IX F
Class X Swasti Solanki X D
Khushi Shah X E
Kartik Devpura X C

Heartiest congratulations to our creative shishyans. May your creativity continue to bloom.


September 08, 2016 :- Inter House Science Quiz

For Classes VI - VIII it was conducted on Sep. 01, 2016 & for Classes IX - XI it was on Sep. 08, 2016

To assess the scientific temperament of Shishyans, an Inter House Science Quiz was organized for students of Classes VI – XI. The rounds were varied and included the Reasoning Round, the Rapid Fire Round and the very popular Demonstration Round.

The results were as follows : Classes VI - VIII

  • First Position: Narayanmurthy House
  • Second Position: Dhyanchand House
  • Third Position: Kalam House



The results were as follows : Classes IX - XI

  • First Position: Kalam House
  • Second Position: Dhyanchand House
  • Third Position: Kurien House


August 15, 2016 :- Inter House Folk Song Competition

The Inter House Folk Song Competition saw all the houses putting their best singers forward. Each house was represented by 15-20 students and the songs raged from Punjabi to Bhojpuri and Marathi.

The results of this competition were as follows:

  • First Position: Dhyanchand House
  • Second Position: KurienHouse
  • Third Position: Narayanmurthy House


August 15, 2016 :- Inter House Highest Attendance trophy

Kalam House won the trophy for the House with the highest attendance on 15 August 2016.


August 12, 2016 :- Inter House Maths Quiz

The inter-house Maths Quiz was held for the students of Classes VI-VIII. It comprised of various rounds like the reasoning round, the bidding round and the activity round. The audience was kept involved through a riveting audience round.

A set of 150 questions were uploaded on the school website and the students were required to go through these questions. The purpose of this competition was to assess the understanding of the various Mathematical concepts through a variety of rounds. The competition was not only for the selected participants but for the audience as well!

The winners of the event were as follows:

  • First Position: Kalam House
  • Second Position: Narayanmurthy House
  • Third Position: Kurien House








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