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Inter-school Events

November 01, 2018 : Inter School Drawing and Painting Competition

Shishyans of Classes II to XII participated in the Inter School Drawing and Painting Competition organized by Ishaque Patel Public School on 01 November 2018. The following students were awarded for their very creative art work:

  • Siya Patidar Class VII – First Prize
  • Ananya Shende Class III – Consolation Prize
  • Tanushka Agrawal Class IX – Consolation Prize

Congratulations to all the artists.


October 29, 2018 : Jay Rathi Excels in Inter School English Declamation

Jay Rathi Class XII won the First Prize in the Inter School Declamation Competition organized by Delhi Public School , Indore. Competing with over 40 contestants from various schools, Jay Rathi emerged the winner because of his excellent delivery of the speech by Philip Wallen titled,’ Animals Must be off the Menu’.

Heartiest Congratulations Jay- the school salutes your oratory skills.


October 27, 2018 : Sahodaya Inter School Classical Dance Competition

The Shishukunj dancers rocked the stage with their wonderful Classical Dance Performance at the Inter School Classical Dance Competition organized by Chameli Devi School on 27 October 2018. The following students were part of this group:

  • Ashlesha Purohit- Class XI
  • Aditi Jain - Class XI
  • Gargi Maheshwari - Class X
  • Mihika Panjwani - Class X
  • Jahanvi Mokshmar - Class IX
  • Urvashi Dighe - Class IX

Heartiest Congratulations to all the dancers for bringing laurels to the school.


October 25, 2018 : Inter School Scrabble Competition

Four Shishyans got an opportunity to participate in the Inter School Scrabble Competition organized by The Golden International School on 25 October 2018. Divit Khandelwal and Aryan Tomar of Class VIII and Aaliya Chandurwala and Atharva Taparia of Class X represented the school.

Atharva Taparia stood at the 2nd position.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the participants for putting in their best in this one of a kind inter school competition.


October 17, 2018 : Inter School English Declamation Competition

Akshita Lakhotia and Atharva Airan of Class VIII were awarded the Consolation Prize at the Inter School English Declamation Competition organized by the Daly College on 17 October 2018. Dressed up as Barack Obama and J.K. Rowling , they delivered their speeches with great confidence and poise.


October 17, 2018 : Inter School Skit Competition

Shishyans put up a wonderful performance at the Inter School Skit Competition organized by G.D. Goenka School on 17 October 2018. Their skit based on blind faith was highly appreciated by the judges and the audience leading them to bag the First Prize. The actors who were part of this play were :

  • Shubhi Sancheti- Class VII
  • Hrishabh Zatakia - Class VIII
  • Naqiya Barnagarwala - Class VIII
  • Tushar Sharma - Class VIII
  • Vaibhavi Tiwari - Class VIII
  • Vihaan Parakh - Class VIII

Heartiest Congratulations to all the actors. Our special thanks to Mr. Nitesh Upadhayay who conceived and directed the skit and trained the students .


October 15, 2018 : Classical Dance Competition

Shishyans participated in the Inter School Classical Dance Competition organized by Modern International School and were placed at the Second position. They enthralled the judges and the audience with their graceful movements.

The students who performed in this event were :

  • Amaysikirti Khurasiya- Class XI
  • Anshika Rathore - Class XI
  • Charu Bhasin - Class XI
  • Ria Betala - Class XI
  • Akshita Dash - Class X
  • Mihika Panjwani - Class X
  • Urvashi Dighe - Class IX

Heartiest congratulations to all the dancers for their wonderful Kathak performance.


September 18, 2018 : Sahodaya Inter School Dance Competition

Admist stiff competition, the graceful dancers of the school made their mark at the Sahodaya Inter School Dance Competition organized at Choithram School, North Campus where their performance was adjudged among the Best Three Performances. Their dance composition was highly appreciated by the judges as well as the audience.


Heartiest Congratulations to all the students and educators.


September 11, 2018 : Sahodaya Inter School Quiz Competition

Shishyans Aryan Singh Tomar Class VIII D and Manvay Rawat Class VIII B won the First Prize in the Sahodaya Inter School Quiz Competition organized at St. Raphael’s Higher Secondary School. They confidently faced the volley of questions on topics ranging from Sports to Politics, Science, Geography, Astronomy, Heritage, etc. Maintaining their calm and poise right till the end, the braced through the entire quiz with great confidence.

Heartiest Congratulations to our quizzing stars ! Well done, keep it up.


September 09, 2018 : Shishyans excel in Pi Quiz

Heartiest Congratulations to Atharva Taparia X B and Ayush Baweja X G for securing the 8th and 10th ranks respectively in the Pi Quiz conducted as part of the annual fest of IIM Indore from 07- 09 September 2018. They showed their grit and mettle right from the beginning to secure these top positions.

Well done !


August 11, 2018 : Manvi Jaju Wins in Inter School Painting Competition

Heartiest Congratulations to Manvi Jaju of Class X E for winning the Third Prize in the Painting Competition organized by Indore Public School on 11 August 2018. Her Painting depicting ‘Bravery of Colours’  was much appreciated by the judges.

Well done Manvi !


August 01, 2018 : Shishyan wins Inter School Debate Competition

Heartiest Congratulations to Dravya Shah of Class VIII for winning the First Prize in the Inter School Debate Competition organized by Lokmanya Vidya Niketan on 01 August 2018.

Competing with 17 other schools, Dravya put forth strong arguments against the topic : Can Cell Phones Become an Effective Educational Tool ? He spoke with great confidence and scored high on all points : Language and Fluency, Oratory and Persuation as well as Body Language.

Heartiest Congratulations to Dravya for bringing laurels for the school.


January 22, 2018 : Shishyans excel in Junior Bal Vigyan

Kudos to the students who participated in the Junior Bal Vigyan and came out with flying colours. Their project titled, "AUGMENTED REALITY-DIGITAL LITERACY FOR THE MASSES"; was adjudged the Best Project.

The names of the students who participated in this Bal Vigyan are :

  1. Ananya Saggi
  2. Ishaan Yadav
  3. Sparsh Jain
  4. Tejaswa Singh Mehra

They were guided by the following educators:

  1. Mr. Rakesh Soni
  2. Mrs. Ruby Hussain
  3. Mrs. Sonu Mehrotra


January 10, 2018 : Shishyans shine at Techkriti at IIT Kanpur

Three Shishyans were among the top 50 students chosen from all over India for the third round of Techkriti organized by IIT Kanpur. Mithil Shah of Class X B, Atharva Taparia of Class IX B and Manas Bhatia of Class IX E secured AIR 1, AIR 4 and AIR 5 ranks respectively.

Heartiest congratulations on their wonderful achievement and we wish them all the best .


January 06, 2018 : Shishyans excel in Technothlon at IIT Guwahati

Heartiest Congratulations to Zubin Turakhia IX E and Anirudh Singh Solanki IX F for their excellent performance in Technothlon - the annual festival of IIT, Guwahati. They secured the All India Rank of 29, to reach which, they had to complete several tasks like programming a game in C++, making a cardboard hydraulic arm, playing a highly complex checkers game, etc.

This fest also gave them an opportunity to interact with several IIT professors. In the final round , they achieved the All India Rank of 04 , for which they were awarded a gold medal and a certificate.

Heartiest congratulations to our super stars- we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.


November 14, 2017 : Rohan Singhal excels in Music

Our heartiest congratulations to Rohan Singhal of Class VI-E for his exemplary achievements in the field of music.

1. He participated in the National Harmonica League at Bristle (UK) , Youth Category in Solo Jazz/ Solo Blues & Rock/ Solo Melody - and received Player of the Year Award in all three categories

Harmonica Duo - he played with his grandfather and received Player of the Year award

2. He participated in the World Harmonica Championship - November 2017 at Trossingen, Germany

*Diatonic Blues/Rock/Folk/Country and secured the 5th Position

*Solo Diatonic/Jazz/Melody - secured the 3rd Position

Well done Rohan. The Shishukunj family salutes you. Keep it up!


November 03, 2017:- Inter School Debate Competition

Jai Joshi class XI enthralled the judges and the audience in the Inter School Debate Competition organized by Indore Public School.

Speaking for the motion : ' Will posting grades on bulletin boards publicly motivate students to perform better or is it humiliating ?' Jai , with his very logical arguments supplemented with excellent oratory skills, convinced one and all that posting grades publicly could spell doom for the students. No doubt, he bagged the First Prize.

Congratulations Jai, Well done !

November 02, 2017:- Inter School Speech Competition

Heartiest Congratulations to Shruti Biyani Class XI B for winning the First Prize in the Inter School Speech Competition organized by Guru Harkrishan Public School on November 02, 2017.

Shruti delivered an excellent speech on the topic ,' What Stops India from becoming a Developed Nation.'

Well done Shruti !

November 01, 2017:- Inter School Drawing and Painting Competition

The artists of Shishukunj impressed one and all with their wonderful drawings and paintings at the Inter School Drawing and Painting Competitition organized by IPPS , Indore. Competing with almost 200 artists from 20 school across the city, Shishyans came home with several prizes.

# Group B - Rupika Rathod Cl VIII - III  Prize
# Group C - Manvi Jaju Cl IX - III  Prize
                    Harshita Nehlani Cl IX - Consolation Prize

October 31, 2017:- Inter School Mime Competition : Indore Sahodaya Schools Complex

The Inter School Mime Competition under the aegis of the Indore Sahodaya Schools Complex was held at The Shishukunj International School on 31 October 2017. 11 schools of cluster 01 participated in the same . The theme for the event was ‘Tribute to Parents’.

All schools came well prepared with their presentations and gave wonderful performances . Love, respect and gratitude to parents was beautifully portrayed in all the presentations . The judges for the event were renowned theatre personalities : Shri Santosh Joshi, Shri Jaydeep Singh Sisodia and Smt. Mona Thakur

The best three performances were by :

  • Sri Satya Sai Vidya Vihar
  • Bhawan’s Prominent School
  • SICA School- Scheme No. 78

The judges appreciated the performance given by the students and gave some useful tips on how to make the mimes more impactful. They also appreciated the students who anchored the event with great confidence and spontaneity.

October 13, 2017:- Shri Jugrajji Mehta English Word Power Competition 2017


Undoubtedly the 6th Shri Jugrajji Mehta English Literary Competition – Word Power, once again proved to be a competition worth remembering ! Truly it was an opportunity that was one of its kind for all the bibliophiles and lexicomanes to dig up their minds and enjoy the ride, for certainly the word battle was more than a joyride for such adept minds.

There were over 30 participants from Classes VII and VIII from 15 schools of the city. As always, the core idea behind the competition was to provide the participants a platform to sharpen their skills and kindle their interest towards language and the magic that it creates. The aim of the competition was to assess students on their knowledge of words, their correct usage, synonyms, antonyms , etc. The competition was entirely based on the glossary of 500 words sent to the schools about 10 days in advance.


All participants first went through a Preliminary Round and on the basis of the scores achieved, the top teams were selected for the final round. The team from The Shishukunj International School qualified for the final round, but being the host school, they did not participate in the Final Quiz.

The winning teams were :

  • First Position : Excellent Word Power – Advanced Academy
  • Second Position : Commendable Word Power- Mount Literra Zee School
  • Third Position: Praiseworthy Word Power – The Emerald Heights International School

A special mention to the students who anchored the show – they conducted and channelized the programme to its rightly deserved climax. Their smart, poised and extremely careful stage conduct added to the perfection of the whole event.

The students who anchored the show were :
     1. Advika Singh X F
     2. Diti Rawat XI G
     3. Hridhima Tyagi X B
     4. Vasudha Gupta XD
     5. Vedika Chawla X E
     6. Riddhi Singhania X D

The event concluded with the National Anthem.


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