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Junior School Celebration / Events

Senior KG took part in an extempore ‘Myself’

The little ones of Senior KG took part in an extempore ‘Myself’. They spoke about themselves very confidently and with great ease. They also participated in a Listening Skill event based on all the letters done so far in the class. The children were very excited for both the in house events.

Assembly presentations by Class I, II & V

The students of classes I to V are very busy working on their allotted projects for the ISA certification (British Council Project). Students of class I and II put up a very informative assembly on National Symbols of India and UAE. The assemblies were appreciated by everyone. The students of class V have been researching on Natural Disasters. In the first segment of the project three sections of class V enthralled the audience with their presentations on Hurricanes, Landslides and Tsunami.


Listening Skill Event

Shishyans of classes I and II participated in a Listening Skill event on 18.06.16, involving various games, picture dictation and sound identification. The activity was conducted to further strengthen the children’s listening skills.


Drawing Event

Shishyans of classes III – IV participated in a Drawing Event. Students of class III were given the theme “Summers”, class IV was given the theme “Back to School’ and class V ‘s theme was “Swacch Byarat Abhiyaan” or “Simhastha”. The event was held on 14.06.16.


International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day was celebrated in the Junior Wing with a lot of enthusiasm.The Shishyans of classes III & IV along with their sports educators enjoyed doing various asanas. The children were also made aware of the benefits of doing yoga.


Field trip to the Zoo

The students of Nursery, Junior KG, Class I, Class II had loads of fun watching the animals with their friends and educators at the city zoo.


Field trip to the Greenfield Nursery

The students of Junior KG, Senior KG, Class I and Class II enjoyed their trip to the zoo with their educators and classmates.

Trip to The Safari Activity Park

Students of classes III & IV spent a day at the Safari Activity Park. They enjoyed activities like Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Spider Net, Balance log, Tyre Swings etc.


Overnight Camp

The Shishyans of class V spent a night in school. Many funfilled activities and games like Hit the Clown, Hit the Target, Cakewalk, Feed the Fish bon fire, cricket & football were planned for the children. The student band performed a medley of songs. The children returned home carrying a lifetime of memories which they will treasure forever.


Quizdom ( class IV )

Seven teams representing the seven sections of class IV participated in the school quiz ‘ Quizdom’. Team C won the quiz , Team D was the first runner up and team A was the second runner up.


Event Update Junior Wing - October

A group of class V students were taken to the Indore Society for Mentally retarded in Anandmai Ashram, Indore to observe their day to day activities and difficulties.

A donation of 41000/ was given to the institute out the prize money earned due the excellent performance of the primary children of Shihsukunj in 2014 Olympiads.


Event Update Junior Wing - August

The students of nursery had their first event ‘My Favourite Colour’ in the end of July wherein they came dressed in their favourite colour dresses. The students of Jr. KG participated in ‘Object Talk’. They were given the options (crayon, umbrella and water bottle).They spoke very confidently about their chosen object. The Shishyans of Sr. KG also had ‘Object Talk’. They had to carry the object of their choice and speak about it. Students of Class I put on their thinking caps and solved worksheets on Number Skills, which was their event for the week while the Shishyans of class II participated in a drawing and extempore event on the theme ‘Monsoon’. The students of classes III – V were busy gearing up for their special assembly presentation on Independence Day. An array of cultural and informative programmes was presented by them. Mellifluous renditions of old classic patriotic songs like Nanha Munna Raahi Hu, Insaaf ki Dagar Pe, Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein and Dil Diyaa Hai by the little ones of class III left everyone enthralled. The presentation on the Journey of the Tiranga, the historic speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’, recitation of Tagore’s ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’, amazing facts about our nation India and a lovely dance performance on the foot tapping number ‘Desh Rangeela’ were the other highlights of the programme. The special assembly was appreciated by all the educators and children alike.


Event Update Junior Wing - July

The month of July saw the students of the Junior Wing participate in a plethora of events . The young ones of Sr. KG talked about themselves in their event Myself, class I expressed their views on cleanliness in the event Picture Talk held for them. The students of class II took part in a Fancy Dress event based on the theme my family. Students of classes III - V put on their thinking caps and solved sums on mental maths in their event Mental Math.

The youngest members of the school (Nursery) too had their first event "My Favourite Colour". The Shishyans as usual participated with lots of enthusiasm in their respective events.



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