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Junior School Celebration / Events

Senior KG took part in an extempore ‘Myself’

The little ones of Senior KG took part in an extempore ‘Myself’. They spoke about themselves very confidently and with great ease. They also participated in a Listening Skill event based on all the letters done so far in the class. The children were very excited for both the in house events.

Assembly presentations by Class I, II & V

The students of classes I to V are very busy working on their allotted projects for the ISA certification (British Council Project). Students of class I and II put up a very informative assembly on National Symbols of India and UAE. The assemblies were appreciated by everyone. The students of class V have been researching on Natural Disasters. In the first segment of the project three sections of class V enthralled the audience with their presentations on Hurricanes, Landslides and Tsunami.


Listening Skill Event

Shishyans of classes I and II participated in a Listening Skill event on 18.06.16, involving various games, picture dictation and sound identification. The activity was conducted to further strengthen the children’s listening skills.


Drawing Event

Shishyans of classes III – IV participated in a Drawing Event. Students of class III were given the theme “Summers”, class IV was given the theme “Back to School’ and class V ‘s theme was “Swacch Byarat Abhiyaan” or “Simhastha”. The event was held on 14.06.16.


International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day was celebrated in the Junior Wing with a lot of enthusiasm.The Shishyans of classes III & IV along with their sports educators enjoyed doing various asanas. The children were also made aware of the benefits of doing yoga.


Field trip to the Zoo

The students of Nursery, Junior KG, Class I, Class II had loads of fun watching the animals with their friends and educators at the city zoo.


Field trip to the Greenfield Nursery

The students of Junior KG, Senior KG, Class I and Class II enjoyed their trip to the zoo with their educators and classmates.

Trip to The Safari Activity Park

Students of classes III & IV spent a day at the Safari Activity Park. They enjoyed activities like Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Spider Net, Balance log, Tyre Swings etc.


Overnight Camp

The Shishyans of class V spent a night in school. Many funfilled activities and games like Hit the Clown, Hit the Target, Cakewalk, Feed the Fish bon fire, cricket & football were planned for the children. The student band performed a medley of songs. The children returned home carrying a lifetime of memories which they will treasure forever.


Quizdom ( class IV )

Seven teams representing the seven sections of class IV participated in the school quiz ‘ Quizdom’. Team C won the quiz , Team D was the first runner up and team A was the second runner up.


Event Update Junior Wing - October

A group of class V students were taken to the Indore Society for Mentally retarded in Anandmai Ashram, Indore to observe their day to day activities and difficulties.

A donation of 41000/ was given to the institute out the prize money earned due the excellent performance of the primary children of Shihsukunj in 2014 Olympiads.


Event Update Junior Wing - August

The students of nursery had their first event ‘My Favourite Colour’ in the end of July wherein they came dressed in their favourite colour dresses. The students of Jr. KG participated in ‘Object Talk’. They were given the options (crayon, umbrella and water bottle).They spoke very confidently about their chosen object. The Shishyans of Sr. KG also had ‘Object Talk’. They had to carry the object of their choice and speak about it. Students of Class I put on their thinking caps and solved worksheets on Number Skills, which was their event for the week while the Shishyans of class II participated in a drawing and extempore event on the theme ‘Monsoon’. The students of classes III – V were busy gearing up for their special assembly presentation on Independence Day. An array of cultural and informative programmes was presented by them. Mellifluous renditions of old classic patriotic songs like Nanha Munna Raahi Hu, Insaaf ki Dagar Pe, Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein and Dil Diyaa Hai by the little ones of class III left everyone enthralled. The presentation on the Journey of the Tiranga, the historic speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’, recitation of Tagore’s ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’, amazing facts about our nation India and a lovely dance performance on the foot tapping number ‘Desh Rangeela’ were the other highlights of the programme. The special assembly was appreciated by all the educators and children alike.


Event Update Junior Wing - July

The month of July saw the students of the Junior Wing participate in a plethora of events . The young ones of Sr. KG talked about themselves in their event Myself, class I expressed their views on cleanliness in the event Picture Talk held for them. The students of class II took part in a Fancy Dress event based on the theme my family. Students of classes III - V put on their thinking caps and solved sums on mental maths in their event Mental Math.

The youngest members of the school (Nursery) too had their first event "My Favourite Colour". The Shishyans as usual participated with lots of enthusiasm in their respective events.



‘Achievers Award’ for Maths ASSET Exam

We like to congratulate Arjav Choklia of grade 4 and Krish shah of grade 3 ( 2014-15) . Both of them have received ‘Achievers Award’ for scoring highest marks in Math in the ASSET exam held last year.


'Declamation' for class V

The first event of the new academic session Declamation was held on Saturday, 20th June for class V. The topic was ‘Importance of Exercise in Our Lives’ to coincide with the international yoga day observed on 21st June. The students expressed their thoughts very confidently.


'Looking Up a Dictionary' for class III

The first event of the new academic session ‘Looking Up a Dictionary’ was held on Saturday, 20th June for class III. The young Shishyans were very enthusiastic about the event. They were able to look up the given words in the dictionary in the time given to them.


Spell-Bee for class I

The first event of the new academic session Spell-Bee was held on Saturday, 20th June for class I. The event was conducted as a revision exercise of the three letter words done by the children in their previous class.


Workshop on teaching learning pedagogy

In continuation with our endeavour to update our educators with teaching learning pedagogy and adopt best practices in the classrooms an interactive workshop was conducted on the 9th of June for preprimary and primary educators.

The topics covered were Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and implementation of the same in our lesson plans through group activities. This was further related to ‘Perception’ and varied areas where young children face difficulties in visual and auditory sensory integration. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Namrata Ramkrishnan, the in charge of the Junior School.


Mathematics Workshop

We at Shishukunj continuously strive towards improvement to keep up with ever changing educational scene. Workshops and seminars for teachers play a significant role in this. On 6th of June 2015, a mathematics workshop was conducted in the school for the pre-primary as well as primary math educators. Shri Shahji who is the founder of Jodo Gyan organization based in Delhi.

The workshop focused on teaching activities and use of manipulative toys/blocks and cards based on mathematics.

Jodogyan Workshop in Progress Learning How Math Can be Fun


Pratibimb, the school exhibition for Senior KG to II

Pratibimb, the school exhibition was held on 22nd March for students of Senior KG to II.

The exhibition marked a ride across the eventful year and showcased splendid reflections of of teaching and learning. The children astounded the spectators with their confidence, skills and interactions.

Educators of the this section put in a lot of hard-work with the exhibits that were dimensions of learning throughout the year.

we had a overwhelming response from the parents.


General Knowledge Quiz ‘Quizdom’ for class IV

We conducted a general knowledge quiz ‘Quizdom’ for class IV. The anchors of the event were students from class IV and it was commendable to see their confidence on stage.

The participants of the quiz were:

Divyansh Mathur, Ansh Kumat, Sameehan Trivedi, Dravya Shah, Yashvi Mundra,Hrishubh Zataka, Rudray Singh, Prakrat Agrawal, Divit Khandelwal, Aayush Pursnani, Shriya Sinha, Rishit Kataria, Krishna Dubey, Manvay Rawat, Parth Goyal, Stuti Yadav, Vinamra Jain, Isheeta Dhabaria.

The quiz was won by team B : Dravya Shah, Yashvi Mundra, Hrishubh Zataka
Team D was the first runner - up : Aayush Pursnani, Shriya Sinha, and Rishit Kataria
Team C was the second runner -up : Rudraj Singh, Prakrat Agrawal, Divit Khandelwal

All The Contestants of Quizdom Winners of Quizdom


Quiz for class III

We conducted a quiz for class III. Seven teams participated in the quiz.

The participants of the quiz were:

Aishwarya Bansal, Tanishq Jaswani, Avesha Goswami, Bhavi Thakkar, Tisha Jain, Arisha Syed, Hardik Joshi, Praneet Khandelwal, Krish Mittal, Pearl Gaur, Nishika Panjwani, Mukund Laad, Riya Sheth, Aaditya Gupta, Rudra Khandelwal, Aakarsh Sinha, Aarushi Kumath, Parth Khandelwal, Balraj Singh Bhatia, Vaidehi Vyas and Divyansh Parkhi.

Team E (Riya Sheth, Aaditya Gupta, and Rudra Khandelwal) was the winner.
Team D (Pearl Gaur, Nishika Panjwani, and Mukund Laad) was the first runner up and
Team A (Aishwarya Bansal, Tanishq Jaswani, Avesha Goswami) was the second runner up.

Awarding the winners Team of the Quiz


H1N1 flu - ‘Prevention is better than cure’

‘Prevention is better than cure’, is the need of the hour. With the H1N1 flu cases on the rise, our young students of class IV, researched about this deadly disease. They did not stop at this, the students created informative posters which depicted how the virus spreads and the preventive measures one can take. The students went to all the classes and shared their research. They also educated the didis, drivers and conductors about it. Their initiative won the hearts of everyone and made all of us really proud.


Second round of Olympiad exams

We are happy to inform that Shishyans from classes III to V performed very well in the recently held Olympiads.

The following number of students qualified for the second round of Olympiad exams:

  • Class III 22 students
  • Class IV 22 students
  • Class V 14 students


Model United Nations Parliament, Junior Edition

We are proud to inform you that students of class V participated in the Model United Nations Parliament, Junior Edition on the 9th February, 2015 held at The Daly College. The issues discussed were child labour, human trafficking and debt bondage. Suhaani Salgia (V-A), Aditya Gandhi (V-C), Darsh Kansal (V-C), Maanvi Agrawal (V-D) and Sparsh Kasliwal (V – E) were part of the delegation which represented the school. Suhaani Salgia won verbal appreciation for being the most active member.



Events held in the Junior Wing during December 2014-January 2015

Junior KG

Shelling of Peas : The young Shishyans enjoyed shelling peas with their classmates. The activity was done to further streghthen their motor skills.

Junior KG

Extempore – Birds : The children dressed up as birds and spoke a few lines about them.


Object Talk : The children were delighted to carry the object of their affection to school and the way they spoke about it clearly showed how important that particular object was to them.

Class - I

Mathemagic : A funfilled math activity was conducted to reinforce the application of concepts done in class.

Fancy Dress ( Helpers ) : Dressed up as doctors, dancers, policemen etc the children eloquently spoke about the helper they had dressed up as. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

Class - II

Hindi Handwriting : To reinforce the importance of neat written work, the children were asked to copy a paragraph in neat handwriting.


Poster Making – Save Eart : Young artists created wonderful posters that displayed their concern about the earth. Each poster had some message in it.


Classes III - V

Kite – Flying : Makar-Sankranti or Uttarayan is synonymous with kite flying. The children enjoyed flying kites with their educators and friends for a while.


CBSE Event

CBSE has conducted an event named ‘Expression Series’ on 7th November 2014.

The students of classes III to V enthusiastically participated in the event and posted their articles on CBSE site on the topic- "My science class is interesting because ………" .

Samagam Events 2014-15

  1. Inter School Group Singing was conducted by Prestige Public School on 31st October.
  2. Inter school Group Song Competition was conducted by St. Paul School on 11th October. The Shishyans presented a bhajan ‘ Hari mere ghar ko’ , which gave the message about the care and respect to be given to our parents.
  3. Inter school Hindi Recitation was conducted by Pragya Girls School on 1st November. Shishyan Raghav Goyal (VB) presented  poem ‘Ganga’ which tries to tell us about the plights of river Ganga and how she suffers due to the pollution and garbage thrown in her waters, requesting everyone to do something to remove pollution and make her clean again.
  4. Inter School Drawing Competition was conducted by IPPS on 1st November. The following Shishyans participated in it:
    1. Sanvi Shah (IIB)
    2. Anvi Paliwal (IIF)
    3. Aishwarya Bansal (IIIA)
    4. Siddhi Malu (IIIE)
    5. Rohan Singhal (IIIG)
    6. Anawesha Ghosh (IVA)
    7. Koshika Jhawar (IVB)
    8. Sunay Aiddasani (IVE)
    9. Aziz Barwaniwala (VA)
    10. Arnav Jain (VD)

    We are proud to inform you that Aishwarya Bansal and Arnav Jain won consolation prize in this event.
  5. Inter school Story Telling Competition was conducted by The Millenium School on 7th November. Shishyans Aryan Tomar (VA) and Urvashi Dighe (VE) participated in it. The theme of the stories were :
    1. Fairy Tales of the World
    2. Our National Heroes

    We are proud to inform you that both the Shishayans got the trophy for the best performance. 

November 16, 2014:-

Class III to V

"Pratibimb" : The Junior Wing students of classes III to V held an exhibition, Pratibimb in school on 15th November 2014. the exhibition reflected the joy of learning and all the activities and projects that children have been doing in their classrooms.

Parents were overjoyed and even emotionally moved to see their little ones explain concepts, conduct quizzes and perform live demonstrations.

The young artists and clay workers and the crafts clubs stole the show with their hand made products made from recycled material. students marketed their products confidently. the proceeds from these simple articles will be given by the shihyans to underprivileged children.

Click here to see more picutres of the event...

November 03, 2014:-

Senior KG

"Importance of Water" : The young Shishyans came in blue coloured casual clothes. They spoke a few lines about the ‘Importance of Water’.

Class I & II

"Handwriting Competition" : A paragraph was given to the students to copy it in the beautiful handwriting.


October 18, 2014:-

Junior KG  to  V

"Diwali Celebration And Rangoli Making Event" : The young Shisyans came dressed in colourful traditional dresses and they spoke about eco friendly Diwal . This event was conducted to sensitize them about the draw backs of bursting fire crackers which cause air and noise pollution. And the Shishyans also participated enthusiastically in Rangoli Making Event to mark the beginning of the Diwali Festival.

October 01, 2014:-

Junior KG  to  V

"Navratri Celebration" : The young Shisyans came dressed in colourful traditional dresses and enjoyed doing  Garba with their friends and educators.

September 12, 2014:-

Junior KG

In "My Favourite Rhyme" event children recited Hindi/English rhyme with actions.

Class I

In "Story Telling (Hindi)" event children narrated stories in Hindi with actions and expressions.

Class II

"Hindi Handwriting" event was organized to encourage good and neat written work Hindi handwriting event was done.

September 06, 2014:-

Junior KG

A game of tambola was played with alphabets which Reinforced the learning of alphabets.

Senior KG

Under Listening Skills a story was narrated and the children coloured the picture related to the story.

Class I

Life skill activities like: folding a handkerchief, buttoning a shirt, taking off and putting on socks and shoes and to sit/stand in correct posture and walk smartly was done by the young Shishyans.

Class III to V

The young Shishyans enjoyed the book mark making event after going through a stressful week of the unit tests. They made  book marks with a lot of enthusiasm and their creativity was seen at its best.


August 23, 2014:-

Junior KG

An event ‘Tambola’ testing the number skills of the children was organised. 

Senior KG

A fancy dress coupled with elocution on ‘Junk & Healthy Food’ was held. The children dressed up as any one food item and spoke a few lines about them.


Class I

A drawing event based on shapes was held. The children drew pictures with the help of shapes and enjoyed colouring them. 

Class II

A poster making event on the following themes was organised.

  • Safety Rules
  • Pollution

The children were required to make posters on any one and add a slogan to it. The purpose was to educate the children in a simple manner about the importance of safety and hazards of pollution.

Class III to V

Janmashtami & Ganeshchaturthi were celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. A special assembly was held in the auditorium by the students of classes III,IV and V. A bhajan ‘Janma Leeno Mathura Me Ghanshyam’ , a dance on the song ‘Maakhon Koi laakh Chupaye..’ and an energetic lazim dance on the foot tapping number ‘ShreeGanesh Deva’ were the highlights of the presentation.


August 16, 2014:-

Junior KG

The children enjoyed making tri coloured sandwiches with the help of their educators.

Senior KG

The children came dressed in the colours of the tri-colour and spoke a few lines about our National Symbols. They even carried their own pictures.


Class I and II

The students took part in an elocution on the topic ‘People Who Made A Difference’. They carried pictures of people who have contributed in the growth and progress of India. Some of them even dressed up as those personalities.

Class III to V

The event for them was Display Board Decoration on the following themes:

  • Class III – Freedom Fighters
  • Class IV- Modern Indian Leaders
  • Class V – India of My Dreams

Special Assembly Presentation

A special assembly was held in the auditorium to celebrate the Independence Day. Dances, songs and speech all dipped in the patriotic flavour were presented by the students of classes III, IV and V. Each performance was enthralling.



August 2, 2014:-

Junior KG

Elocution on the topic “My Friend”. The children expressed their feelings about their friends with a lot of confidence.

Senior KG

“Picture Talk” was the event organized for the little ones of Senior KG. They carried pictures/articles related to monsoon and spoke about them.

Class II

A drawing event on “Monsoon” was conducted for students of class II. The children created beautiful drawings reflecting their artistic talents and they also spoke about their drawing.

Assembly Presentation On Life Skills and Values

Inculcating values and life skills in the students forms an integral part of the teaching-learning process. This is achieved by incorporating various activities in the lessons as well as presentations. This Saturday , 2.08.14, the students of classes III F,IV F and V F presented a wonderful presentation based on ‘Kindness’, ‘Each One is Special’ and ‘Responsibility’. The Presentation had poem recitations, skits and power point presentations, which made it interesting and easy to follow. All the performances were appreciated.


July 19, 2014:-

Jr. KG

The students of Junior KG participated in a ‘Group Recitation’ where they recited poems taught to them in class with confidence and clarity.

Sr. KG

Dressed up as their favourite family member , the Shishyans of Senior KG took part in an elocution on ‘My Family’. The students confidently spoke about their family. They looked adorable and their speech conveyed the love they have for their family.

Class I

‘Reasoning Skills’ event was conducted for students of class I. It was an engaging activity thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

Class II

An elocution in Hindi ‘Bhava- abhivyakti ( My Expression )’ was held for the students of class II. The children expressed themselves with great confidence and poise.


July 5, 2014:- Album Making Activity in Class II

Class II – The budding artists of class II were engrossed in the ‘My Family (Album Making)’ activity. They had to draw and decorate the album. The material for the album was provided by the school.



July 5, 2014:- Listening Skills Activity in Class I

Class I – An activity based on Listening Skills was conducted for the children. The children followed the instructions given by their teacher with complete attention and completed the tasks given to them. It was a fun filled activity enjoyed by the teacher and students alike.



July 5, 2014:- Events in Junior and Senior KG

Jr KG – The children participated in a Free Hand Drawing event. They were required to draw and colour five pictures of their choice.


Sr KG - Elocution on the topic ‘Myself’ was conducted for the students. They spoke a few lines about themselves very confidently.


June 30, 2014:- Presentation on Water Pollution, Wastage and Scarcity
                          of Water

The students of class V were exposed to an eye opening presentation on water pollution, wastage and scarcity of water in many parts of the world. Kaustubh Khandelwal of V-G took the initiative along with the others to make the presentation a success. Children were motivated to save water and electricity and have promised to use cloth bags.

We request the parents to cooperate with the children so that cloth bags are used for shopping at home.


June 30, 2014:- Varnamala Recitation

The students of class I participated in the ‘Varnamala Recitation’ on Saturday, 28.06.14. Dressed up in colourful casual clothes, the little ones were very excited and they recited the varnamala clearly, confidently and in proper sequence.


June 21, 2014:- Poster Making & Elocution on Environment
                          for Class III / IV / V


June 21, 2014:-  Elocution on "My Self"
                           for Class I / II







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