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School Celebration / Events

October 19, 2018 :- Shishyans Shine at Udhbhav Utsav 2018

A group of 43 students accompanied by 04 teachers were off to Gwalior on 19 October 2018 to participate in the Annual Dance Festival Udhbhav Utsav. This was the second time that Shishyans participated in this festival and their wonderful performance last year motivated them to participate this year too.

The festival drew 32 troupes from Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Slovakia, South Korea and Kyrgyzstan. Shishyans won the trophy for the Best Classical Dance Performance and were at the 3rd position in the Folk Dance Competition.

Months of hard work by the students and the educator Ms. Asha Agrawal made this feat possible.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the dancers and their educator. Well done, the school salutes your hard work and dedication.

The students who participated in this festival were:

Sr. No. Class Student's Name Sr. No. Class Student's Name
 1  VI  Aahana Likhar  23  VIII  Nandini Srivastava
 2  VI  Vidushi Dawar  24  VIII  Akshita Srivastava
 3  VI  Charvee Pungliya  25  VIII  Anushka Bharani
 4  VI  Paarijat Gopaliya  26  VIII  Kaashvi Seth
 5  VI  Hiya Ghanghoria  27  VIII  Stuti Yadav
 6  VI  Shreya Agrawal  28  IX  Urvashi Dighe
 7  VI  Aarushi Agrawal  29  X  Anvi Sharma
 8  VI  Nandini Rathi  30  X  Ayushi Panicker
 9  VI  Anvi Paliwal  31  X  Neha Haryani
 10  VI  Pariru Jain  32  X  Adhya Khandelwal
 11  VI  Yashvi Rawat  33  X  Harshit Kaur Bal
 12  VI  Advaita Acharya  34  X  Charu Dahima
 13  VII  Aishwarya Bansal  35  XI  Charu Bhasin
 14  VII  Niyati Mahajan  36  XI  Kashika Jain
 15  VII  Palak Karda  37  XI  Mahi Agrawal
 16  VII  Sanchita Jain  38  XI  Manit Kaur Bal
 17  VII  Avni Kanodia  39  XI  Ria Betala
 18  VII  Charvi Jain  40  XI  Anshika Rathore
 19  VIII  Lavanya Agrawal  41  XI  Madri Agrawal
 20  VIII  Anamika Jain  42  XI  Amaysikirti Khurasiya
 21  VIII  Anushka Sharma  43  XII  Akshara Likhar
 22  VIII  Mihika Srivastava      


September 11, 2018 :- Guest Lecture by Dr. Bharat Rawat for the Educators

Dr. Bharat Rawat, a renowned cardiologist and motivational speaker, addressed the educators wherein he motivated them to lead a healthy life and give due attention to their diet. Leading by his own example, he inspired them to include exercise in their daily routine. He pepped up his talk with interesting anecdotes, fact and figures and also real life examples.

His Twelve carry home points for the educators were as follows :

  • Walk and watch!
  • Aspirin can be life saving!
  • Check your waist!
  • Eat watchfully: prefer home made food/Avoid maida/Sweets
  • 50 min of exercises daily
  • Check BP/Sugar levels
  • Loud Laughters!
  • Avoid anger/Crticism
  • Pranayam / Keep stable mood
  • Don’t be too serious!
  • All are in my prayers
  • I wish good for all

Dr. Rawat’s talk was an eye opener for a number of educators and a few of them could be found discussing health food and exercise plans soon after the talk !


September 05, 2018 :- Teachers’ Day

The Students Council of the school took the lead in organizing a short and very sweet programme for the teachers. Their love, gratitude and affection for their mentors was evident in every item of the programme. Right from organizing games which belonged to the ‘era’ of the teachers, to writing individual letters to each teacher - they did it all. A band by the young musicians, and some numbers of the yester years sung by the Shishyans concluded the well managed and well coordinated programme.

The school management organized a musical evening to salute the hard work and dedication of the educators. The music group , Jalaj, was invited to entertain the teachers. With their foot tapping songs and melodious music, they had almost everyone singing and dancing with them. The dinner that followed was indeed the icing on the cake.

A big thank to the management of the school- the educators are blessed to have such a supportive and caring management.


August 30, 2018 :- SPIC MACAY : Performance by Ms. Purvadhanashree

Shishyans were privileged to witness an enthralling performance of Vilasini Natyam by Ms. Purvadhanashree, considered by critics and connoisseurs as one of the outstanding classical dancers of the younger generation.

Her one hour performance held the students spell bound. She explained the nuances of the dance to the students and motivated the students interested in dance to pursue their passion for dance.

The artists who accompanied her were:

  • Sri. Renuka Prasad - Nattuvangam
  • Smt. Shweta Prasad - Vocal
  • Sri. Sreedharacharya - Mridangam
  • Sri. Sai Kolanka - Violin

Heartfelt gratitude to SPIC MACAY for exposing the students to such a wonderful art form.


August 16, 2018 :- Guest Lecture by Dr. Bharat Rawat for the Students

Dr. Bharat Rawat, a renowned cardiologist and motivational speaker, visited Shishukunj on August 16, 2018, to speak to the students on how to lead a happier and a healthier life. Dr. Rawat, despite his numerous academic accomplishments, prestigious accolades and fame, was extremely humble and amiable. After gripping the audience’s attention with a few unconventional and entertaining deliveries, he proceeded to explain his perspective of life, and gave the students 7 golden rules to keep in mind to achieve true happiness and success. Amongst other things, he elaborated upon the importance of a healthy lifestyle, diligence, time management and focused studying. His hilarious examples and thought-provoking philosophies appealed greatly to the audience, which consisted of the students of Classes IX - XII. After a question-answer session with the enthusiastic students, Dr. Rawat left, leaving behind an enlightened and inspired student body.


August 15, 2018 :- Independence Day Celebrations

The school celebrated the 72nd Indian Independence with great zeal and enthusiasm. The program commenced with the guest of honour Mr. Bhairulal Verma, a sincere and dedicated worker of the school ,being welcomed by the Principal . This was followed by the flag hoisting and the National Anthem. The Students Council administered the oath to everyone present. On this solemn occasion the patriotic song sung by the school choir ignited the spirit of patriotism in every Shishyan.

An Interhouse Patriotic Folk competition was organised in which the Sindhi, Rajasthani ,Bengali and Malvi songs were presented. The results were as follows :

  • First Position: Kalam House
  • Second Position : Narayan Murthy House
  • Third Position: Dhanychand House

Speeches and poems presented by Shishyans induced a feeling of patriotism and also urged everyone to ponder over exigent challenges that India faces today. The coveted trophy for the house with the highest attendance was won by Dhanychand house.

The school also felicitated students of Class XI who have been awarded scholarships for their excellent academic performance in Class X. The AFS foreign exchange students together with Shihyans performed a dance which drew a loud applause from the audience.

To conclude the programme the AFS Foreign Exchange Students expressed their deep gratitude to the school, the teachers and the students for the love and affection showered on them during their 6 week stay in Indore. As a mark of their appreciation and continuing association with the school and the students , they presented the song : Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge.

The Independence Day celebrations ended on a very happy and patriotic note by the Vote of Thanks presented by the students.


August 04, 2018 :- Pratibimb

On Saturday,04 August 2018 the Shishukunj family came together for the annual exhibition ‘Pratibimb’, a spectacular affair in which students from Classes VI to XII presented the knowledge and lessons that they have assimilated over the years in an interactive and creative manner. The students’ creativity was visible throughout the exhibition. While the Science section featured a vertical garden, cryogenical experiments, investigatory projects and homemade mosquito repellents, the Commerce department set up stalls like ‘Handistaan’ and ‘Trade War’, and even a live Stock Exchange for the parents to directly participate in. The Art department coloured the central courtyard with vibrant paintings, attractive crafts and charming still life. The Hindi and Social Science departments, apart from their academic stalls, also organised energetic Nukkad Nataks. The band and dance performances received a lot of praise and filled the building with pleasant symphonies while the Mathematics and English departments set up attractive panels filled with informative posters and class magazines.

The Declamation by the students witnessed an attentive audience while the language games put up by the younger students kept the parents entertained throughout. Compliments poured in from all quarters and parents were filled with praise for the hard work and creativity of the students as well as the teachers.

Finally, Pratibimb, a successful outcome of weeks of hard work by the entirety of the school, concluded with the students and teachers breaking for snacks after a thrilling day of enriching experiences.

July 23, 2018 :- Session on Cyber Safety and Awareness

Students of Classes IX – XI attended a very interactive session on Cyber Awareness and Security conducted by Shri Varun Kapoor, Additional Director General of Police, Indore. Shri Kapoor gave an insight to the students about the caution one needs to exercise while using social networking sites. He warned the students about sharing their personal details on Facebook, Instagram and other such platforms. It was an eye opener for the students to learn that cyber bullying and cyber stalking are considered serious offenses and attract harsh punishment.

He informed the students that if any of them are ever victims of any sort of cyber bulling, the first thing to do is to inform their parents, teachers or any other senior person. The key to being safe is to nip suspected danger in the bud.

Mr. Kapoor counselled the students that they need to be aware and alert at all times so that they do not fall prey to anti social elements in cyber space.

The session proved very interactive and interesting for the students and they listened with rapt attention to the pearls of wisdom shared by Mr. Kapoor. He also gave certificates and badges to Martin Jose of Class IX and Atharva Taparia of Class X for their active participation in the workshop.

July 20, 2018 :- Shishyans Witness Endoscopic Surgery

A group of Shishyans visited the Choithram Hospital and Research Centre on 20 July 2018 to witness and live endoscopic surgery being performed by Dr. Ajay Jain. It was a wonderful experience for the students and they watched each and every step with great interest and attention.

Dr. Jain invited questions from the students and Laksha Jain, Rusham Singh and Ananya Thakur were awarded for the best questions. The school is indeed grateful to Choithram Hospital and Research Centre for giving the students such an opportunity.


July 19, 2018 :- Renowned renowned flutist Pandit Rajendera Prasanna performs in Shishukunj

Shishyans of Classes VIII and IX were witness to a musical treat as renowned flutist Pandit Rajendera Prasanna accompanied by Shri Ulhas Rajhans on the tabla gave a performance in school under the aegis of SPICMACAY.


The almost one hour performance held the students and educators spell bound. Pandit Prasanna made it a point to involve the students as well and made them sing along while he played the flute. He willingly answered questions put forth by the students.

This is a small effort by the school to expose students to Indian music and culture.

June 29, 2018 :- OJAS 2018

OJAS - the award ceremony of the school was held on 29 June 2018. This ceremony awarded students for excellence in academics during the academic session 2017-18. It was a matter of great pride as students walked up on stage to receive trophies, medals and certificates from the Directors of the school. Students who had 100 per cent attendance during the academic session were also awarded certificates.


Besides awarding the meritorious students of the academic session 2017-18 , the ceremony had a larger purpose of motivating and inspiring the other students to work hard and make themselves eligible for the awards next year. The short motivational video shown at the commencement of the ceremony went a long way in inspiring the students towards higher goals.

The students and the faculty members were congratulated for the Class XII board results which were the best in the city.


January 30, 2018 :- Kathak Performance

Renowned Kathak dancer, Padma Shree Smt. Shovana Narayan gave a mesmerising performance in the school under the aegis of SPIC MACAY. She enthralled the audience with her graceful mudras and foot movements. She was accompanied by Shri Shakeel Ahmed Khan on the Tabla, Shri Azhar Shakeel on the Violin and Shri Madho Prasad -Vocal and Harmonium . She also explained the finer nuances of this dance form to the dancers of the school.

In an interaction with the students, she quoted from her own life to impress upon them that academics and passions can go hand in hand. Along with pursuing dance throughout her life, she completed her M.Phil and joined the Civil Services. She stood out as an exemplary example of someone who is able to create a balance in all aspects of her life.


January 26, 2018 :- Republic Day Celebrations

The 69th Republic Day of our country was celebrated with great enthusiasm in a short yet impressive function at The Shishukunj International School.

The ceremony began as the tricolor was hoisted by the Guest for the occasion Mrs. Kalpana Pole, a humble and hardworking worker of the school. This was followed by the singing of the National Anthem and administering of the pledge by the Students Council. A wave of patriotism filled the air as everyone enjoyed the patriotic song which followed.

Kartikeye Chopra delivered an impressive speech in English while a group of students comprising of Ananya Jain, Lakshya Somani, Pearl Pahuja, Swayam Jaswani and Vidhi Dev recited the poem : Hum laaye hain toofan se kashti nikal ke...

Certificates were awarded to 39 meritorious students who scored 10 CGPA in Class X in 2017-16 and also to the winners of the Junior Bal Vigyan in Science. Students who had completed the Bronze level of the IAYP programme were also applauded so was Shravi Jain of Class XII who played as part of the M.P. team in the Junior and Youth National Table Tennis Championship in West Bengal and won a Bronze medal.

Naranyanmurthy House was awarded the trophy for the House with the Best Performance during the academic session 2017-18. The trophy for the House with the highest attendance on 26 January 2018 was bagged by Narayanmurthy House. A beautiful dance performance concluded the Republic Day Celebrations in school.

The entire programme was wonderfully anchored by Hiya Aidasani and Akshat Jain. Arnav Sharma proposed the Vote of Thanks.


January 22, 2018 :- Farewell for Class XII

Students of Class XI put together an evening of dance and music for the outgoing batch of Class XII. They recalled amusing anecdotes of their school life, danced , sang songs and showed a video presentation – all of which added up to making it a very enjoyable evening .



January 21, 2018:-  : Graduation Ceremony at Shishukunj

The Shishukunj International School bid a fond farewell to its outgoing batch of Class XII students (2017-18) in a very solemn Graduation Ceremony held on 21 January 2018. The distinguished guests for this memorable occasion were Dr. Rajdeep Manwani – TEDx speaker and renowned Life Coach and Mr. Varun Agarwal – best selling author and acclaimed motivational speaker. The evening turned nostalgic for the proud parents and their wards alike as each student’s profile was read out, mentioning the various milestones of their school life. The students proudly walked up on stage to receive the mementos and thereafter posed for photographs with the distinguished guests.


The Principal Dr. Lalita Singh, addressed the students , urging them to develop their potential to their fullest by believing in themselves. Melodious songs by the school choir as well as speeches by the Headboy, Headgirl and parents interspersed the programme. Mrs. Lalita Singh administered the oath to the students whereby they pledged to be honest upright citizens and keep up the name of their alma mater.

The guests congratulated the students and the school and expressed confidence that India will progress even more rapidly in light of the quality of work done in schools like Shishukunj. Mrs. Vasundhara Ohri, the Vice Principal , proposed the Vote of Thanks.

The ceremony came to an end with the National Anthem.

December 01, 2017 : Senior school Anugoonj 2017


Over 600 Shishyans put together an extravaganza of dance and drama for the parents on 01 December 2017. The items were varied and kept the audience glued to their seats throughout the programme. The items on stage were as follows:

1. Orchestra

Music is born on two occasions: in times of peace or in times of storm. A German baron at his castle on the Rhine, stretched wires from tower to tower, so that the winds may convert them into Aeolian harp. Though soft breeze played about the castle, yet no music was born. One night there arose a great tempest. The Baron went to the threshold to check his wires which were shaken to a wonderful melody. A tempest was needed to create the music and turn wires into magical Aeolian harp. Watch the young musicians of Shishukunj play the music of peace and music of storm in this enthralling performance that captivates the mysticism of musical creativity.

2. Vandana

Indian spirituality celebrates the inherent and eternal divinity within. What you will watch next is a stuti to Ardhnarishwar woven in Rupak Tal with a few Bol Baant in Teen Tal portraying the composite form of Ardhnarishwar which conveys the message of unity of the opposites, the masculine and feminine aspect of the Divine offering an unflinching devotion towards the Almighty. The dancers not only capture the eternal Tao of Shiva-Parvati but also bow to their Aghor or unfathomable unifying strength, chastity and grace in Aghori Nritya.

3. Just a Pound of Flesh - Senior English Play

Bassanio, needing money to be a suitor to Portia, asks his friend Antonio for a loan. Antonio’s money is all tied up in shipments away from Venice, so he approaches Shylock, a money-lender. Shylock agrees to lend the money, on condition that if Antonio does not pay it back by an appointed time, Shylock may cut a pound of flesh from him. Unaware of Shylock’s evil intentions and not taking him seriously, Antonio agrees to fall prey to his schemes. Watch the Senior English Play “Just a pound of Flesh” to find out, how clarity of mind and uncanny wisdom checks the baseless and fiendish intentions of Shylock.


The hill stream gurgled along impatiently. At 75, shrivelled, sinewy and ancient- looking old Kondh tribal sat by the stream, both feet dipped into cold waters ; playing a patriotic tune on a slender flute to tell his love for his motherland. He had lost his wife a year ago. ‘The tiger dragged her away while she was in the forest. I was so unhappy that I wanted to die and leave Dharani Maa (Mother Earth) but I simply could not leave my Dharini of beautiful hill streams, forests, trees, bird- songs, parabs (festivals), Maanush, (humans).’, smiled the grand old man. This is the love that we Indians share for our motherland. Listen to ‘JHOOMTI CHALI’ from the choir of 71 singers giving the glimpse of the love for the mother land and never to be reneged promises born out of it.

5. Hindi Play : Sangeet Samrat Tansen

One has heard about the great Tansen, one of the scholars who adorned King Akbar's court. He was a famous composer and a gifted vocalist. Many would have known him as the bringer of rains with Raga Megh Malhar and as the great singer who put lights to flame by his rag "Deepak'. Watch the Hindi Play about Ram Tanu Pandey, the disciple of Saint Haridas and his journey to become Sangeet Samrat Tansen.

6. Western Dance Old School

Old-school hip hop describes the earliest commercially recorded hip hop music from 1979-1983 and the music in the preceding period from which it was directly descended. It is characterized by the simpler rapping techniques of the time and the general focus on party related subject matter. Brother D's "How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise", and Kurtis Blow's "Hard Times" (both released in 1980), that explored socially relevant ideas made it possible for future artists to create an identity based on socially conscious themes in later years. Enjoy the portrayal of theme-less Jazz rap –a fusion subgenre of hip hop music and jazz, although developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s, in old school.

7. Junior English Play - Let’s All read

Books are the mystery of human creativity. Books play an important role of a teacher, guide, and friend in our lives. Without books life is impossible. Books share our pain, books guide to use to lead future with confidence. Books increase our focus in life. We become focused on our life and career goals while reading books. When you learn, you think less and receive more. Your brain starts working on new words and beliefs. Explore the joy of devouring a good book with the Junior English play Let’s All Read performed by a 116 Shishyans who bring the message how important it is to read a book.


8. Indian Folk Dance

A legend associated with Holi goes that Lord Krishna was sad over his dark complexion and wondered why 'Radha' was so fair. One day, his mother Yashoda playfully suggested that he can smear colour on Radha's face and change her complexion to any colour he wanted. Fascinated by the idea, Krishna proceeded to do so and thus, introduced the festival of colours. The Holi of Braj, Barsana, Mathura and Virandavan is famous all over the world for its intimate connection with the divine deities and their love and also because it is observed to celebrate Radha's divine love for Krishna. It is believed that Radhas and Gopis or souls surrendered to the playful wish of the Krishna the divine and became what he wanted them to : a living image of the Divine. Enjoy the ara ra ra ra ra hori hai flavour of divine transformation of Barsaanaa.

9. Mime – Love your Parents

Parents are the first teachers and God on earth for their children. It is their unlimited love, unending care and unaccountable selflessness that they pour upon us, which gives us the strength to stand tall against all odds. FOR EVERY second, every minute and every hour let us Love and THANK the presence known as PARENTS. Mime on the theme A tribute to Parents mirrors the same emotion of love and gratitude.

10. Yeh Bhi Marz

Isn’t an empty mind the devil’s workshop? Marz— a Hindi satire portrays the same in a man who finds a morbid solace in scaring others with his silly superstition and wants to be taken very seriously. The play not only celebrates the folly of imposing one’s own fears on others but also cherishes a subtle humour in seriously conducted and taken formalities in Indian socio-cultural background.


11. Western Dance New School

The new school of hip hop was a movement in hip hop music starting 1983–84 with the early records of Run–D.M.C. and LL Cool J. Like the hip hop preceding it, it came predominantly from New York City. The new school was initially characterized in form by drum machine led minimalism, often tinged with elements of rock. It was notable for taunts and boasts about rapping, and socio- political commentary, both delivered in an aggressive, self-assertive style. New school artists made shorter songs that could more easily gain radio play, and more cohesive LPs than their old school counterparts. By 1986 their releases began to establish the hip hop album as a fixture of the mainstream. Enjoy the timeless and theme-less energy of the dance in New School.

November 12, 2017 : Utsav 2017

It was an evening of fun and frolic for Shishyans as teachers of the Senior school got together to organize Utsav 2017 – the Annual Fun Fair to celebrate Childrens’ Day in the school. The school ground was transformed into a games and eating zone of which Shishyans just could not have enough!

The game stalls were a huge draw with games ranging from Aim and Shoot, Lucky Dip, Crack the Pot, Football, Basketball, tug of war, etc. Food was varied and abundant – from Paani Puris, Rolls, Pastries, Puffs, Ice Cream, chocolates, French fries, coffee, etc.

All Shisyans enjoyed the Fun Fair immensely and can hardly wait for the bigger and better one that awaits them next year!

November 11, 2017 : Senior Bal Vigyan 2017

Shishyans put up an exemplary performance at the Bal Vigyan competition held on 11 November 2017. Their innovative presentations enthralled the judges and the audience and they bagged the prize for the Best Project in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Commerce and Computer Science.

Heartiest congratulations to the students and also to the teachers who guided them every step of the way.


November 07, 2017 : Nandan Katha - A Play with a Difference

Shishukunj was priviliged to play host to the play Nandan Katha, presented by Natyakulam, Jaipur. Written and directed by Bharat Ratna Shri Bhargava, this play portrays the journey of a middle class village boy whose father constantly compares him to his brother. It is the love and encouragement of his mother that he is able to keep his spirits high and very soon his exceptional talent in music is spotted. With his hard work and the guidance of his guru, he rises to be a famous singer.

What made this play very 'different ' was that it comprised of a cast which was visually challenged. One was moved to tears watching the actors perform with such confidence. The message that the play conveyed was so very relevant : Challenges are just a stepping stone to success.


October 29, 2017 : Shishukunj dancers excel at the International Dance Festival, Udbhava Utsav at Gwalior

The dance troupe, comprising of 32 students of The Shishukunj International School accompanied by Ms. Asha Agrawal, created waves at the International Dance Festival, Udbhava Utsav organized by Greenwood Public School, Gwalior from 25 – 29 October 2017. Months of practice and hard work paid rich dividends as they bagged the first prize in the Classical Dance (school category) and also in the Folk Dance (school category).

Udbhava Utsav is a prestigious dance competition hosted annually by the Greenwood Public School. The competition this year saw the participation of 42 schools from India and around the world. The dances were varied and represented the culture of the respective countries.

Participating in this international dance festival was an ‘out of the world’ experience for the participants. Watching the performances of students from around the world was a feast for the eyes, it gave them an insight into the culture of the various countries. The competition was tough and the judges had a difficult time deciding the winners.... but in fact, each participant of the competition was a winner. They may not have won a trophy but the experience of participating in an international dance competition and interacting with people of varied cultures was much more than any prize or trophy.

Heartiest Congratulations to the entire team.


October 24, 2017 : Heritage Exhibition

Students of Classes VI – VIII witnessed an exhibition of rare artefacts collected by Mr. Rohit Khanna. His display included rare coins, error notes ( currency ) tribal jewellery , watches , rare items of daily use, etc. The students had a plethora of questions which Mr. Khanna answered with great interest and patience.

This exhibition gave the students a peep into the era gone by !


October 16, 2017 : SPIC MACAY – Performance by Smt. Uma Nambudripad Sathya Narayanan

Shishyans were privileged to have in their midst renowned Bharat Natyam dancer Smt. Uma Nambudripad Sathya Narayanan , a senior disciple of the legendary Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer Guru Smt. Chitra Visweswaran (Padmashree awardee).

The artiste enthralled the students and educators with her performance . Subsequent to her performance she explained the nuances of the dance form to the students. The question and answer session gave a deeper insight into the dancer and the dance form.

Our sincere thanks to SPIC MACAY , we hope to be able to welcome many more artistes in our school under their aegis.

October 06, 2017 : Talk on Career Counseling

Mr. Sameer Golwelkar, had an interactive session with students of Classes X and XI. He impressed upon them the need to identify their passions and match their career choices with them. He repeatedly stated that happiness comes only when one does , what he/ she likes to do most. The students asked him a plethora of questions which he answered with great patience and detail.



September 05, 2017 : Teachers’ Day

The Students Council of the school took the lead in organizing a short and very sweet programme for the teachers. Their love, gratitude and affection for their mentors was evident in every item of the programme. Right from organizing games which belonged to the ‘era’ of the teachers, to conveying messages from the alumni of the school - they did it all. A band by the young musicians, and some numbers of the yester years sung by the Shishyans concluded the well managed and well coordinated programme.

Thank you dear Shishyans, your gesture means a lot to all your educators.

September 03, 2017 : Out in the Wild

Students of Classes VIII - X went to the adventure camps in Dharamshala, Sitlakhet and Kambre. The activities planned for them were designed to test their endurance and teach them survival skills. Rafting, rock climbing, rope exercises, trekking and navigating using the magnetic compass were thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The night out wherein the students had to pitch their own tents and cook their own meals was a novel experience. Team work, co ordination, self confidence and persistence, were some of the skills the students developed during these adventure camps.


Guest Lecture

Dr. Sandeep Julka, an eminent endocrinologist, impressed upon students of the senior classes, the importance of making the right choices by narrating personal experiences of choices he made that lead him to where he is now. He also stressed on the importance of physical fitness and a positive attitude towards life.

Indian Architecture - An Amalgamation of Various styles

The British Council Social Science Project

The project aimed at introducing students of Class VIII to the various styles of architecture in India and the foreign influences on them.

Shishyans meticulously researched on the various styles of architecture in India: Persian, French, Portugal and British. The project involved not only research but also making of calendars, quizzes, site visit, community service and of course a guest lecture by an eminent historian, Mr. Rajendra Singh. The creative work of the students was displayed at "Jharokha", the exhibition. The collaboration with schools in Pakistan gave an international dimension to our work.

All students worked on every aspect of this project with great zeal and enthusiasm and surely developed an appreciation and sensitivity towards the architectural heritage not only of India but other countries as well. Monuments will now have a new meaning for all students who have been involved in this very interesting study.


Maths in the Sports Field!

The British Council Mathematics Project

The mathematics department was determined to weave a lot of fun along with learning into the British Council project. They decided to integrate it with sports and the topic which they decided to work upon was -The Incredible Ball: The Pivot of the Game.

As part of the project, students of Classes IX and X researched on the national games of England, France, India, China and Lithuania, the evolution of the balls used in different games and the reasons for the usage and association of a specific ball to a particular game. The project gave an insight into the various scientific and mathematical concepts used while designing a ball for a particular game.

What was really a novel experience was that the students of Classes IX and X played interclass matches with balls that were not tailored for that particular game. For example cricket was played with a hockey ball and football with a basketball and so on ! The students experienced first-hand the absolute lack of thrill and fun of the game when it is not played with the ball actually designed for it. During a very interesting and informative session that followed, students learnt the scientific principles behind the making of the ball. As a concluding activity, a quiz was conducted to assess the actual learning out of this project.

This project was a wonderful example of how varied subjects can be integrated for effective learning.

Students love sports, but never had they given so much thought as to how the ball with which they play is made and why it is the way it is !


Shishyans Go Organic

The students of the Shishukunj International School plunged headlong into the Science British Council Project titled ‘ Go Organic - It’s the New Way to Go!

As part of this project the students researched the organic farming techniques in UK, USA, New Zealand and India. Extensive research led to wonderful Project Reports which were displayed and evaluated by the educators and experts.

The students also visited Jaivik Setu- the one stop organic destination in Indore to get firsthand knowledge of the techniques used in organic farming and learn about the different products being grown by them organically.

On the home turf, there was much excitement as students grew seven different varieties of vegetables organically in the school garden. The seeds sprouted, the small beds soon grew lush green and within a few months they were ready to be harvested. Plays, posters and guest lectures made sure that Going Organic truly became a way of life for Shishyans!

Shishyans also collaborated with schools in other parts of the world and shared their research and ideas on organic farming.

The project has gone a long way in making the students aware of the benefits of eating food which is grown organically and is free of chemicals. It has renewed their interest in the compost pit in which they now themselves put the school kitchen waste regularly. Plans are also underway to set up a bio gas plant in the school.

Through the multiple activities done as part of this British Council Project , the seeds of ‘going organic’ have been sown in Shishukunj , it will be in no time that these seeds will grow into big trees…….. meaning a big movement!



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