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School Celebration / Events

July 26, 2019 :- NCC Cadets celebrate Kargil Vijay Diwas

NCC cadets assembled to celebrate the Kargil Vijay Diwas. They watched a wonderful video on the brave soldiers who gave their life for the nation. A short speech delivered by one of the cadets ignited the patriotism in each cadet . The Principal Mrs. Lalita Singh motivated the students to always think of thenation first and give their best to the nation in every possible way.

July 25, 2019 :- samvaad @ shishukunj – Senior School

samvaad @ shishukunj is a new initiative started by the school to interact with parents in small groups over a cup of coffee. The purpose of such an interaction is to exchange ideas, take their feedback on the existing systems of the school and brainstorm over any new suggestions that they may have. The first samvaad of the senior school was successfully conducted on 25 July 2019 and several new ideas and suggestions emerged during this interaction.


July 20, 2019 :- Special session for girls of Class VII

A special session on 'Menstruation and Personal Hygiene', was conducted for the girls of Class VII on 19th July 2019.

The Principal Dr Lalita Singh explained the importance of personal hygiene and how it should be maintained. The children were very receptive and asked questions to clarify their doubts. She also spoke about 'good touch and bad touch'. The school counsellor Mrs Rasika Mairal spoke on the myths associated with menstruation.


July 20, 2019 :- Aarna Jain selected as ANCQ Ambassador

Heartiest Congratulations to Aarna of Class VIII F for being selected as the ANCQ 2019 Student Ambassador.

Well done Aarna , Shishukunj is proud of you.


July 15, 2019 :- Special Assembly

“Humanity can no longer stand by in silence, while our wildlife is being used, abused and exploited. It is time that we all stand together, to be the voice of the voiceless before it is too late.”

The school has partnered with Wildlife and Nature Conservancy, Indore to spread awareness about the importance of conserving nature and saving the tiger.

A special assembly was held for Shishyans of Classes VI-VIII to highlight the same. Shishyans were shown an excellent power point presentation through which they were informed about various interesting and shocking facts about this endangered animal. It was informed that tigers are significant members of our ecosystem and their extinction would adversely affect human life. Shishyans were awestruck to know that extinction of tigers would lead to augmentation of second level organisms of the food chain, which would result in depletion of forests and thus disturbance in the ecological balance . Students were sensitized about the grief of this majestic creature through a beautiful video, highlighting the status of tigers earlier and the scenario of their relationship with human beings today.

The assembly ended on a very positive note when Shishyans took a pledge to bring the tiger’s roar back !

In continuation with this assembly , Shishyans had the privilege of stamping on a huge collage being made under this project. This collage will be displayed at the airport and will surely send a strong message to all to conserve the environment and save the tiger.


July 15, 2019 :- Shishyans witness Live Open Heart Surgery

A group of 20 students who have opted for Biology as one of the optional subjects witnessed a live Open Heart surgery at Choithram Hospital & Research Centre on 15 th July 2019.


Hiya Aidasani of Class XI F won the second prize of Rs 400 for the best answer to the question:

Q: What is green corridor?

Shruti Tomar of Class XI F won the third prize of Rs 300 for the best question :

Q: Can the complication of surgery be reduced with the advancement of the technology in near future?

It was a great learning experience for the students who were accompanied by their educator Mrs. Kshamta Ram.


July 05, 2019 :-Science Without Borders Challenge

Heartiest Congratulations to Vihan Parakh IX C and Ojasvi Sethia VII C for being declared the semi- finalists in the International Art Competition : 2019 Science Without Borders Challenge. They were among the top 30 contenders from over 350 entries received from all over the world.

This is an international art contest that engages students to promote the need to preserve, protect and restore the world’s oceans and aquatic resources. The theme for the 2019 contest was : Connected Ocean : No Barriers, No Boundaries, and No Borders.

Well done, young artists – Shishukunj is proud of you.

July 04, 2019 :- Asmi Chelawat to represent India in Economics Olympiad

Heartiest Congratulations to Asmi Chelawat Class XII B for being selected by Meccademia Education Institute to represent India at the International Economics Olympiad to be held in Russia in August 2019.

Asmi competed with over 5400 students from over 100 schools across the country to win this commendable feat.

She is part of a 05 member team and is all set to attend a 15 day training camp in Pune in July and thereafter give her best to the final round in Russia.

We wish her all the very best !

July 03, 2019 :- Students’ Council Motivates Students to Read

The Shishukunj Intenational School sponsored the creation of a library at Atri Devi Higher Secondary School. On July 3, 2019, the Management and the members of the Students’ Council, on the very first day of their tenure, inaugurated the abode of books. Representatives from FICCI FLO and GoDharmic - NGOs working towards such library projects at government schools, were also present.

The ceremony started with the ribbon cutting ceremony. Every one involved in the making of the library was thanked and appreciated. The Students’ Council got the opportunity to interact with the students about the importance of books in one’s life. This was followed by a gainful discussion of how to develop a healthy reading habit. In the end, all the students put their handprints on the beautifully painted walls of the library, keeping alive the memories of the function forever. Sponsoring a library was a wonderful gesture on the part of Shishukunj and will go a long way in instilling in the students of Atri Devi Higher Secondary School the love of reading.

Being a part of this programme proved to be very inspiring for Shishyans, they realized how fortunate they are to have access to such large libraries in their own school . Each of them pledged to collect books and do their best to constantly upgrade the library at Atri Devi Higher Secondary School, so that students of this government school may also revel in the joy of reading books.

July 03, 2019 :- Senior and Junior Office Bearers


July 03, 2019 :- Students' Council


July 03, 2019 :- Investiture Ceremony 2019-20

The Investiture ceremony for the session 2019-20 was held on July 3, 2019. It aimed at induction of the newly appointed office bearers of the various posts. The ceremony was graced by Mr. Parashar, Deputy Director Administration, Bombay Hospital, Indore.

The ceremony began with the induction of the Students' Council, followed by the senior and junior office bearers. The office bearers, who had been selected on the basis of their academics and extra curricular activities, marched gracefully on the stage and took their oath. The oath not only stated the new responsibilities of the office bearers but also instilled a sense of similar responsibilities in the students present in audience.

The ceremony marked a new beginning. A new beginning of ideas and leadership that aim to better the school experience. The students inducted today are now the bearers of the torch of progress. As these leaders of tomorrow take their rightful place in office, we would like to congratulate the office bearers of the session 2019-20. And wish them best of luck!

July 02, 2019 :- Khushi Khanna wins Poetry Competition

Heartiest Congratulations to Khushi Khanna Class VIII B for securing the 3 rd position in the online poetry competition on She has been marked as an International Teenage Poet in recognition of her poem: My Bestie.

Shishukunj wishes this budding poet all the very best !


June 29, 2019 :- OJAS Academics

OJAS- The annual academic award ceremony of the school was held on June 29, 2019. This ceremony awarded students who had excelled in academics during the session 2018-19 (Classes VI-XII). It was a joyful sight to watch bright faces receive their well-deserved awards from the Directors of the school. More than excellence, this ceremony awarded, acknowledged and celebrated the hard work and efforts of the awardees. Students who had 100% attendance during the academic session were also awarded certificates.

While the students of each batch walked on stage, motivation and inspiration resonated deep within each student present there, inspiring them to work harder and be the award recipient next year.


June 21, 2019 :-International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

NCC cadets of the school took the lead to enlighten the students about the dangers of taking drugs. After a short speech delivered by Ayushman Hingoorani, the students took a pledge to stay away from drugs and also ensure that their friends do the same.



June 21, 2019 :- International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga was celebrated in school on 21 June 2019.

An hour long yoga session was organized for the students as well as the educators . The benefits of adopting Yoga as a way of life were highlighted by the yoga instructors.

June 18, 2019 :- Workshop for Educators

The school organized a workshop on ‘Pedagogy in the Age of Internet’ on 18June 2019. The resource person was Dr. Sapna Agrawal ,an eminent educationist and motivational speaker. The day’s session commenced with thought-provoking questions like, “What is the biggest challenge for a present day teacher?”, “What are the interesting ways to handle difficult listeners?”, “How can a facilitator effectively replace the digital window?”

The enthusiastic educators brainstormed their ideas and actively participated in discussions progressing the session in full throttle. Ideas were further substantiated by Dr.Agrawal with activities like- ‘Crossing the river’(based on Disaster Management) and ‘Passing the Ball on Newspaper’ ( based on team work ). The activities were quite aptly curetted to provoke heuristic understanding and enliven the atmosphere.

Discussions on efficiently engaging a heterogeneous class, reaching out to fulfill individual necessities with student-centered learning, bridging the gap between mentor and learner with hands-on training, etc were touched upon and acted as food for thought. All participants unanimously arrived at the consensus that to facilitate learning for the young minds of Gen-Y one needs to be tech-smart and updated with the new trends.

The session concluded leaving the educators soul-searching on an insightful note that despite reaching the digital age, the role of a teacher will never diminish. However, a teacher , being the moderator of change and the visionary of the future, needs to keep upgrading himself/herself continually, efficaciously and tirelessly to envision a better tomorrow.

June 13, 2019 :- If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher!

‘Teachers affect eternity, one can never tell where their influence stops.’

A different school of thought, The Shishukunj International School, Indore organized an interactive workshop on ‘ Effective Classroom Management Through Mind Mapping ’ by Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra, a National Award winning academic evangelist, on June 13, 2019.

There was a participation of about 120 ebullient teachers. The cornerstone of this workshop was the effective classroom management using ‘mind maps’ and how to establish rapport with the young minds. Dr Mehrotra threw light on the fact that the Gen Y teachers should not only be tech savvy but also tech strong.

The workshop was cut up into two sessions. The first session concentrated on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is slowly taking over the entire world, thus teachers of this generation need to walk an extra mile to enable, encourage and endow every child for a lifelong pursuit of learning.

The introduction of the Total Quality Concept of Japan, the 3 K’s – KODO, KAGNE and KAIZEN meaning continuous thinking, continuous acting and continuous improvement of the teachers opened a new horizon.

Dr Mehrotra emphasized the fact that teachers need to understand the students on an individual basis, so they have to be SMART (Systematic, Meticulous, Artistic, Realistic and Tactful). This was followed by a riveting activity for the teachers where they had to design a Mind Map on ‘Classroom Distractions.’

The second session of the seminar had wonderful presentations of the mind maps designed by the educators where they specified the reasons of distractions and the probable solutions. Dr Mehrotra teamed this seminar up with engaging videos on how one should balance the virtual world with real life teaching.

The seminar left the teachers with an augmented knowledge of core competency, team work and situational leadership.


June 11, 2019 :- Workshop on Efffective Classroom Management

The school organised a workshop on June 11, 2019 on ‘Classroom Management’. The resource person was Dr. S. Dijju from Tata Edge .The entire teaching staff of the Senior School was present. He touched upon the various aspects of classroom management including its importance, discipline, preparedness of the educator, creativity, time management, etc. With active participation of the educators, the workshop turned out to be an interesting learning experience.

It was made more interesting by games like ‘Scavenger Hunt’ and ‘Whose Line is the Longest’. The idea behind these games was to make the educators realise how they could think of novel ways to use the available resources, reach out to others, extend their limit to achieve a common goal. The educators were reminded that these strategies can facilitate the teaching learning experience. It will thus benefit and enrich the students in the best possible way.

The workshop was a great eye opener for the educators and they look forward to implementing the various strategies discussed, in their classes.

June 07, 2019 :- Workshop for Educators

A full day workshop on Effective Communication was conducted for all Educators of Classes VI – XII. The Resource person for the same was Mrs. Madhu Sharma from the Oxford University Press.

The process of communication was explained in a very interesting and interactive manner. Role plays, videos and real life examples helped ‘connect’ the resource person to the audience. Mrs. Sharma also threw light on Conflict Management- how to learn and train ourselves to ‘respond’ not ‘react’ to stressful situations. She also gave tips for professional growth and emphasized how important it is for each of us to constantly upgrade ourselves and keep abreast of all the new advancements in our field.

She concluded the session by suggesting two ‘must read’ books: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and Die Empty by Todd Henry.

All the educators found the workshop very enriching and felt it would go a long way in making their classes more interesting.

May 10, 2019 :- A Visit to Singapore

The school organized an excursion to Singapore for the students of Classes VII & VIII . According to the students and educators, the five day stay at Singapore has given them lovely memories which they will cherish forever. Their trip was packed with thrilling experiences at this beautiful island nation.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens, Marina Bay Sands Sky Park, Gardens by the Bay, the Singapore River Cruise, Universal Studios, Jurong Bird Park, River Safari, Adventure Water Cove at Sentosa and the Siloso Beach – all contributed to an everlasting experience. Universal Studios seemed to have fascinated our students the most.


Along with all the fun and enjoyment, they learnt important life skills like adjusting with their peer group in a new environment, learning to be independent, appreciating people and respecting their way of life. The accompanying educators observed great camaraderie among this enthusiastic group of fourteen students. While travelling by bus within Singapore, they loved chatting and marvelling at the magnificent buildings of the country. This trip was overall a great learning experience for the students as well as the educators.


April 19, 2019 :- NCC Cadets visit Madhya Pradesh Flying Club

The NCC Cadets of the school visited the MP flying club on 19th April, 2019. The purpose of the visit was to learn about the parts of the aircraft and their working. Students had the wonderful opportunity of interacting with Wing Commander Amit Vyas who gave them detailed knowledge of the cockpit of the air craft. The cadets also had the opportunity to fly around Indore for an hour. They were also taught the importance of the air traffic controller and communication between him and the pilot.

The cadets who went for the enriching experience were:

Sr. No. Student Name Class / Sec.
1. Ritika Vyas X D
2. Nirali Mahajan X C
3. Pavani Goli IX G
4. Atharv Sachdev X C
5. Bhavya Modi IX D
6. Ayushman Agrawal Hingorani IX G
7. Soumitra Chaurey IX A
8. Shourya Khandelwal IX C
9. Priyansh Jain IX E




April 10, 2019 :- Seminar on New Age Careers

Mr. Gejo Srinivasan, renowned student mentor and an alumnus of IIM Kolkatta conducted a very interesting and interactive session on New Age careers for the students of Classes IX- XII on 10 April 2019.

This conference was one with a difference - it was very engaging and interactive. Mr. Gejo’s likeable personality and depth of research and knowledge held the students in rapt attention. Students got an opportunity to find answers to varied questions about careers, colleges, exams, time-tables and similar issues. The topics under discussion ranged from data science, YouTubing, to self-driven cars, out of the box thinking, etc. Linking careers to confusions, and confusions to options, participants conversed on the wide range of options available for colleges and courses today. The session also included light-hearted talks on exam pressure and coping with expectations of our well-wishers. The session proved to be a lucrative one-hour investment, giving a new insight on careers and higher studies to all students.

March 09, 2019 :- Excursion to Ranthambor – Class VIII

Students of Class VIII went on an excursion to Ranthambor Wild Life Sanctuary soon after their Final Exams in March 2019.

They all agree that it was an excursion to remember- the early morning rides on the canters to spot the King of the Jungle, listening to a talk by an expert on wildlife, watching the documentary The Tiger Queen , the visit to the Rajiv Gandhi museum of Natural History and of course the DJ night – all added up to make it a wonderful trip. Much to their delight , most of the students did spot the tigress and her cubs.

Besides the sight seeing and fun, a lot many life skills were learnt during this 4 day trip - learning to adjust in a new environment, adjusting with class mates, learning to be independent, respecting and appreciating the environment, were just a few of them.

Travelling to and from Ranthambor by train seemed to be an experience in itself - the students passed their time playing UNO, Taboo, singing songs or just chatting.

Overall this trip was a great learning experience for all the students and the accompanying educators.

February 28, 2019 :- The Teachers’ Day Out

As the session 2018-19 came near its end, teachers of the Senior Wing went for a day long picnic to Rewa Resorts near Omkareshwar. It was a wonderful opportunity to unwind, relax and enjoy. They set off early morning and spent the day enjoying various adventure activities like Flying Fox, Rope Walking, Rain Dance, music, etc. The delicious ( and abundant ) food provided was the icing on the cake.

This day long picnic gave a much needed break to the teachers and they all returned rejuvenated and refreshed – and of course, very well bonded !

January 26, 2019 :- Republic Day

The 70th Republic Day of the country was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the school. A feeling of patriotism pervaded the entire campus.

All students and educators assembled in the Velodrome for the celebrations. The guest for the day was Narayanabhaiya- a very sincere and dedicated worker of the school. After the flag hoisting and the National Anthem, the Students’ Council of the school administered the pledge to the students .The patriotic song presented by the school choir further ignited the spirit of patriotism , so did the inspiring speeches by Ananya Saggi and Aryan Vijayvargiya.

Based on the performance of the houses in the various Inter House activities conducted throughout the year, the coveted trophy for the House with the Best Performance was won by Narayanmurthy House.

The trophy for the house with the highest attendance on Republic Day was won by Kalam House.

Students who had excelled in the Class X CBSE Board Examination 2018-19 as well as participants of the Bal Vigyan on were also felicitated.

The programme concluded with the Vote of Thanks.

January 25, 2019 :- Farewell for Class XII

Students of Class XI got together to give a touching farewell to the outgoing batch of Class XII . The one hour programme included a humorous skit, songs, dances and of course a band . The menu was meticulously planned and catered to the taste buds of the students.

Only one theme rang through the entire evening: We will miss you, Batch of 2018-19

January 24, 2019 :- Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony for the tenth batch of Class XII students ( session 2018-19 ) was held on January 24, 2019. Hon. Cabinet Minister for Urban and Housing Development Mr. Jayvardhan Singh was the chief guest for the programme. Mr. Anand Kumar of the Super 30 fame and Mr. Vicky Roy, a professional photographer of International acclaim were the guests of honour.

The programme started at 6:30pm with the lighting of the lamp and invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. The graduating students wearing gradation gowns and caps walked smartly up the stage to receive the mementos from the guests while a citation was read out for them. It was a proud moment for the parents who welcomed each student with a thunderous applause.

Hon. Cabinet Minister, Mr. Jayvardhan Singh in his address to the students talked about the importance of discipline in one’s life and how schools provide a conducive environment for each and every student to become an achiever. He urged the students to dream and to work in order to make their dreams a reality. Mr. Anand Kumar talked about how a passionate desire, positive thinking, perseverance and patience pave the way for a successful life. Mr. Vicky Roy shared his rags to riches story with the august gathering, how he developed his interest in photography into a passion that it won him national and international acclaim.

The students motivated by the words of the distinguished guests were fuelled with an urge to become achievers in life. Two parents Mrs. Soniya Golwelkar and Mr. Ashutosh Page in their address expressed their gratitude to the school management and the educators for their unflinching support and wished the students good luck for the boards. The Principal Dr. Mrs. Lalita Singh administered the oath to the graduating students. The programme concluded with the Vice Principal Mrs. Vasundhara Ohri proposing the vote of thanks followed by the rendition of the national anthem.

December 01, 2018 :- Anugoonj 2018

The senior school annual function Anugoonj held on 01 December 2018 was a riot of cultural events. More than 600 students participated in various cultural items and displayed their varied talents. The programme began with the Orchestra and the Vandana. This was followed by the choir, the English plays : Sherlock Holmes and The World of Story Books and the Hindi Plays : Charlie Chaplin and Saste Jahaaz ka Sapna. The folk and western dances added colour to the programme. The programme was very ably anchored by the students of Class XI. The hard work of the students and the educators was evident in each and every performance.

Congratulations to the entire team for putting up such a good show for the parents of the senior school.

November 14, 2018 :- Utsav 2018

Yet again, on the occasion of Children’s Day, Shishyans were treated to a fun-filled Utsav 2018. The school ground transformed into a colourful fair with a plethora of food and game stalls. Shishyans had a gala time with their friends.



November 05, 2018 :- 6th Alumni Meet

A large number of Shishukunj Alumni turned up for the 6th Alumni Meet of the school. In an informal gathering, everyone, Shishyans and educators alike, travelled down the memory lane recalling fond memories of the time spent together in school.


October 24, 2018 :- Shri Jugrajji Mehta English Literary Competition 2018


Once again the 7th Shri Jugrajji Mehta English Literary Word Power Competition proved to be a spectacular show unveiling a wonderful assortment of words and their effect on inquisitive minds. Like every year, this one was a great opportunity to hone the linguistic skills of students.

There were about 50 participants from Classes VII and VIII from 25 schools of the city. The purpose of this competition was to ensure that every participant is provided with an opportunity to enrich himself and kindle up his interest towards language and the magic that it creates. It familiarized them with the words , their correct usage, synonyms and antonyms of the words as well. The well illustrated idioms and proverbs added an extra spice to the event.

The competition was based on the glossary of 500 words sent to the schools about 10 days in advance. All participants first went through a Preliminary Round, and on the basis of the scores achieved, the top 06 teams were selected for the final round. The team from The Shishukunj International School qualified for the final round, but being the host school, did not participate in the Final Quiz. The 06 teams which competed in the final round were :

  • Advanced Academy
  • Delhi Public School
  • Queens College
  • St. Pauls Higher Secondary School
  • The Ekaayana School
  • The Emerald Heights International School


The anchors put up a great show and undoubtedly their enthusiasm and perfect approach were worth a applaud. Undoubtedly every year these children carry out their roles quite charmingly and their smart, poised and extremely careful stage conduct, kept everyone engrossed in the competition.

The winners of the Shri Jugrajji Mehta English Literary Competition 2018 were :

  • First Position : Excellent Word Power The Ekaanya School
  • Second Position : Commendable Word Power Delhi Public School
  • Third Position: Praiseworthy Word Power The Emerald Heights International School

Finally the event concluded with the vote of Thanks and the National Anthem.

October 22, 2018 :- Adventure Camp Class XII

A group of 120 students of Class XII went for an overnight adventure trip to Flame of the Forest – 77 kms from Indore. They participated in a host of activities like Rapelling, Rock Climbing, River Crossing, Flying Fox, etc. They also had sessions on outdoor survival skills, understanding the natural environment and team building .

It was a wonderful experience for them. Besides the fun and the food, they learnt important life lessons related to team work, leadership and adjusting to new environs.

October 19, 2018 :- Shishyans Shine at Udhbhav Utsav 2018

A group of 43 students accompanied by 04 teachers were off to Gwalior on 19 October 2018 to participate in the Annual Dance Festival Udhbhav Utsav. This was the second time that Shishyans participated in this festival and their wonderful performance last year motivated them to participate this year too.

The festival drew 32 troupes from Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Slovakia, South Korea and Kyrgyzstan. Shishyans won the trophy for the Best Classical Dance Performance and were at the 3rd position in the Folk Dance Competition.

Months of hard work by the students and the educator Ms. Asha Agrawal made this feat possible.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the dancers and their educator. Well done, the school salutes your hard work and dedication.

The students who participated in this festival were:

Sr. No. Class Student's Name Sr. No. Class Student's Name
 1  VI  Aahana Likhar  23  VIII  Nandini Srivastava
 2  VI  Vidushi Dawar  24  VIII  Akshita Srivastava
 3  VI  Charvee Pungliya  25  VIII  Anushka Bharani
 4  VI  Paarijat Gopaliya  26  VIII  Kaashvi Seth
 5  VI  Hiya Ghanghoria  27  VIII  Stuti Yadav
 6  VI  Shreya Agrawal  28  IX  Urvashi Dighe
 7  VI  Aarushi Agrawal  29  X  Anvi Sharma
 8  VI  Nandini Rathi  30  X  Ayushi Panicker
 9  VI  Anvi Paliwal  31  X  Neha Haryani
 10  VI  Pariru Jain  32  X  Adhya Khandelwal
 11  VI  Yashvi Rawat  33  X  Harshit Kaur Bal
 12  VI  Advaita Acharya  34  X  Charu Dahima
 13  VII  Aishwarya Bansal  35  XI  Charu Bhasin
 14  VII  Niyati Mahajan  36  XI  Kashika Jain
 15  VII  Palak Karda  37  XI  Mahi Agrawal
 16  VII  Sanchita Jain  38  XI  Manit Kaur Bal
 17  VII  Avni Kanodia  39  XI  Ria Betala
 18  VII  Charvi Jain  40  XI  Anshika Rathore
 19  VIII  Lavanya Agrawal  41  XI  Madri Agrawal
 20  VIII  Anamika Jain  42  XI  Amaysikirti Khurasiya
 21  VIII  Anushka Sharma  43  XII  Akshara Likhar
 22  VIII  Mihika Srivastava      


October 08, 2018 :- Shishukunj MUN 2018

One of the biggest endeavours of this year, with a participation of over 500 students as leaders and change makers over a course of three days, Shishukunj Model United Nations Conference 2018 was a massive success. Held from 05- 07 October 2018 in the Shishukunj campus itself, delegates discussed issues ranging from disposal of nuclear waste to transnational organized crimes. Along with current issues, the crisis committees were a literal blast from the past as they dealt with the 1990s Latin America.

Platforms like these always empower our fellow schoolmates to step up and grab the opportunity. For the 3 days, our regular school students were transformed into international diplomats, aiming to solve some pertinent world problems. Opportunities like these go a long way in shaping the personalities and a number of skills of the young students and we are confident that it was a learning experience for the delegates as well as the student led Secretariat which organized the entire show with months of hard work and zeal.


The fifth iteration of the Shishukunj Model United Nations Conference was the biggest in number and size.

With participation of over 600 students in 11 committees, in various roles, from delegates to logistics members, it was a learning experience for all. With such an enthusiastic participation right from Classes VI - XII, it is hard to imagine anything else that could give such a learning platform to so many Shishyans.

Standing true to the theme, Ecology, Economy, Equity, all agendas were aligned to discuss the pertinent problems that threaten the fabric of the country. Delegates researched and prepared themselves. Conferences like these help us to be more than ourselves, to empathize and sympathize, to learn and grow, to learn and prosper.


September 11, 2018 :- Guest Lecture by Dr. Bharat Rawat for the Educators

Dr. Bharat Rawat, a renowned cardiologist and motivational speaker, addressed the educators wherein he motivated them to lead a healthy life and give due attention to their diet. Leading by his own example, he inspired them to include exercise in their daily routine. He pepped up his talk with interesting anecdotes, fact and figures and also real life examples.

His Twelve carry home points for the educators were as follows :

  • Walk and watch!
  • Aspirin can be life saving!
  • Check your waist!
  • Eat watchfully: prefer home made food/Avoid maida/Sweets
  • 50 min of exercises daily
  • Check BP/Sugar levels
  • Loud Laughters!
  • Avoid anger/Crticism
  • Pranayam / Keep stable mood
  • Don’t be too serious!
  • All are in my prayers
  • I wish good for all

Dr. Rawat’s talk was an eye opener for a number of educators and a few of them could be found discussing health food and exercise plans soon after the talk !


September 05, 2018 :- Teachers’ Day

The Students Council of the school took the lead in organizing a short and very sweet programme for the teachers. Their love, gratitude and affection for their mentors was evident in every item of the programme. Right from organizing games which belonged to the ‘era’ of the teachers, to writing individual letters to each teacher - they did it all. A band by the young musicians, and some numbers of the yester years sung by the Shishyans concluded the well managed and well coordinated programme.

The school management organized a musical evening to salute the hard work and dedication of the educators. The music group , Jalaj, was invited to entertain the teachers. With their foot tapping songs and melodious music, they had almost everyone singing and dancing with them. The dinner that followed was indeed the icing on the cake.

A big thank to the management of the school- the educators are blessed to have such a supportive and caring management.


August 30, 2018 :- SPIC MACAY : Performance by Ms. Purvadhanashree

Shishyans were privileged to witness an enthralling performance of Vilasini Natyam by Ms. Purvadhanashree, considered by critics and connoisseurs as one of the outstanding classical dancers of the younger generation.

Her one hour performance held the students spell bound. She explained the nuances of the dance to the students and motivated the students interested in dance to pursue their passion for dance.

The artists who accompanied her were:

  • Sri. Renuka Prasad - Nattuvangam
  • Smt. Shweta Prasad - Vocal
  • Sri. Sreedharacharya - Mridangam
  • Sri. Sai Kolanka - Violin

Heartfelt gratitude to SPIC MACAY for exposing the students to such a wonderful art form.


August 16, 2018 :- Guest Lecture by Dr. Bharat Rawat for the Students

Dr. Bharat Rawat, a renowned cardiologist and motivational speaker, visited Shishukunj on August 16, 2018, to speak to the students on how to lead a happier and a healthier life. Dr. Rawat, despite his numerous academic accomplishments, prestigious accolades and fame, was extremely humble and amiable. After gripping the audience’s attention with a few unconventional and entertaining deliveries, he proceeded to explain his perspective of life, and gave the students 7 golden rules to keep in mind to achieve true happiness and success. Amongst other things, he elaborated upon the importance of a healthy lifestyle, diligence, time management and focused studying. His hilarious examples and thought-provoking philosophies appealed greatly to the audience, which consisted of the students of Classes IX - XII. After a question-answer session with the enthusiastic students, Dr. Rawat left, leaving behind an enlightened and inspired student body.


August 15, 2018 :- Independence Day Celebrations

The school celebrated the 72nd Indian Independence with great zeal and enthusiasm. The program commenced with the guest of honour Mr. Bhairulal Verma, a sincere and dedicated worker of the school ,being welcomed by the Principal . This was followed by the flag hoisting and the National Anthem. The Students Council administered the oath to everyone present. On this solemn occasion the patriotic song sung by the school choir ignited the spirit of patriotism in every Shishyan.

An Interhouse Patriotic Folk competition was organised in which the Sindhi, Rajasthani ,Bengali and Malvi songs were presented. The results were as follows :

  • First Position: Kalam House
  • Second Position : Narayan Murthy House
  • Third Position: Dhanychand House

Speeches and poems presented by Shishyans induced a feeling of patriotism and also urged everyone to ponder over exigent challenges that India faces today. The coveted trophy for the house with the highest attendance was won by Dhanychand house.

The school also felicitated students of Class XI who have been awarded scholarships for their excellent academic performance in Class X. The AFS foreign exchange students together with Shihyans performed a dance which drew a loud applause from the audience.

To conclude the programme the AFS Foreign Exchange Students expressed their deep gratitude to the school, the teachers and the students for the love and affection showered on them during their 6 week stay in Indore. As a mark of their appreciation and continuing association with the school and the students , they presented the song : Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge.

The Independence Day celebrations ended on a very happy and patriotic note by the Vote of Thanks presented by the students.


August 04, 2018 :- Pratibimb

On Saturday,04 August 2018 the Shishukunj family came together for the annual exhibition ‘Pratibimb’, a spectacular affair in which students from Classes VI to XII presented the knowledge and lessons that they have assimilated over the years in an interactive and creative manner. The students’ creativity was visible throughout the exhibition. While the Science section featured a vertical garden, cryogenical experiments, investigatory projects and homemade mosquito repellents, the Commerce department set up stalls like ‘Handistaan’ and ‘Trade War’, and even a live Stock Exchange for the parents to directly participate in. The Art department coloured the central courtyard with vibrant paintings, attractive crafts and charming still life. The Hindi and Social Science departments, apart from their academic stalls, also organised energetic Nukkad Nataks. The band and dance performances received a lot of praise and filled the building with pleasant symphonies while the Mathematics and English departments set up attractive panels filled with informative posters and class magazines.

The Declamation by the students witnessed an attentive audience while the language games put up by the younger students kept the parents entertained throughout. Compliments poured in from all quarters and parents were filled with praise for the hard work and creativity of the students as well as the teachers.

Finally, Pratibimb, a successful outcome of weeks of hard work by the entirety of the school, concluded with the students and teachers breaking for snacks after a thrilling day of enriching experiences.

July 23, 2018 :- Session on Cyber Safety and Awareness

Students of Classes IX – XI attended a very interactive session on Cyber Awareness and Security conducted by Shri Varun Kapoor, Additional Director General of Police, Indore. Shri Kapoor gave an insight to the students about the caution one needs to exercise while using social networking sites. He warned the students about sharing their personal details on Facebook, Instagram and other such platforms. It was an eye opener for the students to learn that cyber bullying and cyber stalking are considered serious offenses and attract harsh punishment.

He informed the students that if any of them are ever victims of any sort of cyber bulling, the first thing to do is to inform their parents, teachers or any other senior person. The key to being safe is to nip suspected danger in the bud.

Mr. Kapoor counselled the students that they need to be aware and alert at all times so that they do not fall prey to anti social elements in cyber space.

The session proved very interactive and interesting for the students and they listened with rapt attention to the pearls of wisdom shared by Mr. Kapoor. He also gave certificates and badges to Martin Jose of Class IX and Atharva Taparia of Class X for their active participation in the workshop.

July 19, 2018 :- Renowned flutist Pandit Rajendera Prasanna performs in Shishukunj

Shishyans of Classes VIII and IX were witness to a musical treat as renowned flutist Pandit Rajendera Prasanna accompanied by Shri Ulhas Rajhans on the tabla gave a performance in school under the aegis of SPICMACAY.

The almost one hour performance held the students and educators spell bound. Pandit Prasanna made it a point to involve the students as well and made them sing along while he played the flute. He willingly answered questions put forth by the students.

This is a small effort by the school to expose students to Indian music and culture.


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