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Let Every Bud Bloom

The Shishukunj International Society - A beginning like no other

The Shishukunj International School is an affiliate of the Shishukunj International Society, London. Founded in 1942, the Society operates in many countries including the USA, UK, Sweden and Kenya. Engaged in child welfare and education, the Society, while having a global outlook, aims to enshrine Indian values in its educational programmes. 

The Shishukunj Pre School

Indore's tryst with the 'Shishukunj way' began in the year 1999 with the setting up of the Shishukunj Pre School at Geeta Nagar. Soon, the 'Shishukunj way' was seen as the 'ideal way' for young beginners. Humbly re-defining nursery education through innovative approach, the Shishukunj Pre School produced excellent results in terms of increasing happiness levels and bringing about multidimensional development in young children- a fact vouched for by a large number of enlightened parents. From the very first year of its inception, Shishukunj attracted the attention of discerning parents who wished to put their child in Shishukunj and nowhere else !

The name that revolutionized the concept of pre schooling in Indore readied itself to play a bigger and more crucial role in the arena of Senior School Education from the academic session 2005-06. The Shishukunj International School spread its wings with a sprawling campus at Jalaria for the senior school and received an overwhelming response from all quarters.

With characteristic love, care and value based education, the school makes every effort to impart the benefits of the Shishukunj educational philosophy to the students and create a healthy environ of self- discovery  and learning, which is the essence of education.

We welcome your child to be a part of the Shishukunj legacy of quality education. A legacy beyond compare, a legacy that is without parallel. 

An artist impression of the school

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