CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239
Let Every Bud Bloom
Sports Infrastructure & Facilities

Shishukunj has excellent facilities for a variety of sports like athletics, aquatics, cricket, football, tennis, table tennis, skating, badminton, squash and Basket Ball (synthetic basket ball court). That a healthy body leads to a healthy mind is a fact well recognized at Shishukunj. Yoga and aerobics apart from other activities form the core of the physical fitness training. Awareness about health is also a key subject that is extensively dwelt upon on a regular basis.


Following is the list of sports facility available in the school :

  • 14 Badminton courts
  • 6 Squash courts
  • 19 Table tennis tables
  • 3 Basket ball courts
  • 2 Swimming pools
  • 2 Chess rooms
  • 2 Billiard/Snooker tables
  • 1 Shooting range
  • 4 Tennis courts for seniors
  • 2 Tennis courts for juniors
  • 1 wrestling mat
  • 1 Taekwondo mat
  • 1 Gymnastics mat
  • 8 Cricket practicing nets
  • 1 Indoor cricket net
  • 1 cricket ground
  • 1 football ground
  • 2 bowling machines
  • 1 skating rink

And, to cater the needs of training the students for all these games, we have a team of 38 full time coaches who takes care of overall grooming of the students in their respective games.

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