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A Happy Ending

Author: Manya Shah, Class VII D

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Alexa who was about 13 years old. She lived in the NYC and her parents gave her whatever she demanded. One day after seeing a senior talking to her friends that she had over a 1000 followers on Instagram, Alexa thought that if she had her own mobile she would have an Insta account too and then she would be famous!

The very same day Alexa asked her father for a phone. Her father knew that he should not give it to her but he couldn’t refuse Alexa and then she got her own phone with a sim and Insta account! Then she decided to post wonderful pictures and have many followers. In the beginning, she had only 28 followers but the number soon increased to 10140 and Alexa was in the seventh heaven!

Once she posted a picture which she loved but her followers detested it and unfollowed her at once and she was left with only 3 followers. She was very depressed. Her father could not bear this. He went up to her and told her that when Graham Bell had invented the phone, it was tied with wires and yet it was really useful. But now that the phones have become wire free, humans are tied to them. It was nice in the start to have a touchscreen phone but soon social media spread and the wire between human and phone turned to an addiction which proved harmful.

Social media praises you but also depresses you. He said, “Alexa, you have got your phone but remember that phone can also be harmful to you. The choice is yours.”

This statement made Alexa think. From then on, she used her mobile phone only for important purposes. She spread awareness about mobile addiction and its harms. In the school she was known not for her Insta followers but for the awareness she created. Her father had opened her eyes. Her father was really proud of her and Alexa was also happy that she was not a mobile addicted person anymore.