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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


A New Perspective

Author: Keshavi Sodhani, Class VII F

“What a nuisance this pen has created in front of my favorite teacher! I am going to throw it in the dustbin now.” said Lucy.

Lucy believed that she got scolded in front of her class not because of her but because of her pen and so she wanted to throw her pen away. As she was going to throw it in the dustbin, she felt someone crying and her hands getting wet slowly. But she ignored this and went close to the dustbin to throw her pen into it. That’s when she heard a loud and angry voice, “Leave me, it’s not my fault that you got scolded, Lucy.” 

Lucy looked around but didn’t see anyone else. With a shock she realised it was the pen in her hand as it introduced itself. 

Lucy told the pen in an angry manner, “I use you everyday. I also think of you as MY BEST FRIEND but because of your laziness my handwriting got spoiled,” Lucy sputtered angrily, “How dare you do that! I don’t want to see you a single minute more!” said Lucy.

“This wasn’t my fault Lucy,” said her pen politely. “It’s actually you who force me to write. Sometimes you and your friends also play with me, you also throw me and my tip gets bent but I’ve never complained and kept bearing the pain.” It really looked crestfallen. 

Lucy realised her mistake and said sorry to her pen from the depth of her heart. She had new respect in her voice as  she promised all her materials to keep them safely and of course respectfully.