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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


A Plea

Author: Gargi Maheshwari, Class XI F

So I come to you,
With a voice not so frail,
Hoping that the message comes through
Lifting up the veil,
Of myths and illusions we live in today
Because tonight and the next and the next
Night is not safe.
In and out of classes, I need to call
My mom, tell her I’m okay,
And that I am on my way.
Back home with two other friends, who call
Their parents, yes we will be fine.
There are fewer crimes, at this time of the day.
You know, the books don’t weigh
As much as the road I take back home,
Where I am the prey of their gaze, that
Scans me like an x-ray.
A lot more to say, lesser to convey,
It’s soon going to be doomsday.
So here is my foot forward, this issue is
Not of disdain, please don’t let the voices be
In vain, please do something to save this
Generation and those to come, because
Something definitely needs to be done
To save your daughter, to save your friend
Who’s got a life ahead.
Make this TEENAGE, a better stage, not a CAGE.