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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


Dear Friend

Author: Kavyaa Soni, Class VIII G

To my dear friend –

I will stay with you till the end

Right now, we are at a bend

But I promise your hand will be held.


We will go together to places

Look at different faces

We’ll solve million doubts

Running away from the crowd.


Sitting near a maple tree

Now we are finally free

We are too young to grow old

We are made of lightning bold.


Learning from the mistakes we committed

The world is all predicted.

We stand strong hand in hand,

Sharing our first friendship band.


United we will stand,

As long as we can.

Climbing mountains together,

We will remain young forever.


I am cherry to your cream,

A soft pillow to your dream,

A spark to your fire.

Coz my heart burns with dazzling desire.


To my dear friend –

We share a beautiful bond,

That will last till the end

Coz I am just too fond.