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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


Deep From My Heart

Author: Manvay Rawat, Class IX G

In a world full of foes, I was all alone.

The songs which were once beautiful, now without a tone.

I was tired of people not real; all I wanted was to make my life clear,

Sort things out, strengthen relationships,

All that I could see were problems and hardships.

Forget the problems, forget the foes

Try finding peace in the utter chaos,

Unleash the wanderer, who lives in your soul,

Forget the fake and the people who are a mole.

Your heart is your coach, your friend, your guide

Listen to it, your life will be a smooth slide.

Train it, make it your best enemy,

In a jiffy you’ll deal with all the felony.

Believe in your heart, believe in yourself,

The hardships will vanish, all by itself.

Be strong, give your soul a head start,

Make your life beautiful, like a masterpiece of art.