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Discover Yourself

Author: Yuvika Maan, Class VI A

There lived a boy named Peak. He didn’t know what to do with his life. He found school to be boring. He didn’t understand why he was studying, why two plus two is four and not five, why things look different from each other, why we all don’t have similar faces, etc. He wanted to be in, when he was out and wanted to be out, when he was in. He led a monotonous life.

One day he was walking dejectedly through the streets of the city. When he reached home, he dumped his bag in the corner of the room and made his way toward his bed. On the table, he saw a strange tollbooth. There was a letter attached to the tollbooth. The letter had instructions for how to erect the tollbooth and use it. There was a map along with a small cute car. He stepped into the tollbooth. Suddenly, a voice was heard. It asked, “Where do you want to go?” Peak answered, “Dictinopolis – the land of words by reading the map”. 

Suddenly Peak disappeared.

In Dictinopolis, he met Spellbee. He had a great adventure there. He saw alphabets floating in water and Spellbee was trying to balance them by combining the alphabets in a logical way to form meaningful words. Spellbee was instructing them to be arranged in a meaningful manner. When Peak saw that, he was curious and asked her why she was arranging alphabets in that particular order only. Why is ‘APPLE’ spelled as ‘APPLE’ only and why not ‘AEPlE’ or ‘IAPLE’!

She replied in the context of this question- Everything that exists in this world whether living or non-living has its own significance and importance. As we see that everything is in perfect balance in the universe and needs to be symmetrical for ease of the natures. The same way, these words also play an important role in one’s life to communicate and express one’s feelings and if they are not polite they can hurt someone. These words are spelled in such a manner so that the balance can be maintained and others can use them to make their life meaningful.

After sometime he heard a voice, this voice was of his mother. Immediately, Dictinopolis started fading away. Peak was flying in the air. Suddenly Peak woke up, and realized that all this was a dream. But he realized that every human being has been blessed with different abilities and talent. We differ from each other in that we have different interests. There is a beauty of its own in every color. Everyone is great; the need is only to spark their talent. He realized his importance in this world and the beauty of words. He took help of these ‘words of his dream’ and transformed his life. He read many books and penned down his thoughts on paper. When he grew up, he became a renowned author. He also wrote a novel based on the dream that he had visualized many years back. He discovered his talent and lived happily ever after.

Moral: Everyone who exists in this world has a talent that is hidden inside him. They just have to reveal or detect that talent.