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First Flight towards a Self- Reliant India

Author: Titiksha Khandelwal, Class X D

It has been a desire in every Indian’s heart to help India become a super power and a world leader. Though this desire has been in our heart since many years, have we ever tried to put in efforts towards achieving this goal?

We all have actually become customers of foreign goods even for the ones of basic necessities though they can be easily produced in our country. It is also a surprise that we have become so much dependent that we are unable to stop ourselves from buying foreign goods even for the festivals celebrated in our country. Annually, about $480 billion is spent by our country on its import. So, don’t you think it would be better if all that money is spent on purchasing indigenously manufactured goods?

Just remember, India’s population is its biggest strength and if we all start preferring ‘Made in India’ over imported goods, India’s economy will see a jump. This will help us generate direct and indirect employment due to which our economy will witness an improvement in the economic development.

God supports those who work with hope and strategy.

Every country is desperate to sell their products to India since Indian market is so big. But we have Indian companies like Infosys, Airtel, Ranbaxy and TATA which are trying to innovate products which can beat foreign products and capture foreign market too. COCONICS, a new private–public company set–up in Kerala has announced to manufacture new laptops which will be completely Indian made and available at affordable prices.

Our Government has started taking steps to promote local goods and one such example is ‘Atman Nirbhar Bharat’.

Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi reaffirmed that India has the talent to make the best products. He also stated that one of the key ways to a self–reliant India is to buy and promote local products.

So, a major part of this mission and even its success lies in the hands of us citizens. If the country gets united and only has an aim to make India a successful and developed country, then no one in this world will be able to stop us from becoming the New India which we have always dreamt of.