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Fog – 1

Author: Class X E

Students were asked to write short poems similar to ‘Fog’ by Carl Sandburg.


The rain comes

Like cats and dogs hustling around

It seems calm for sometime

But turns violent as if a sudden flash

Of memory.

Vrinda Modi



The snow comes

And makes the environment placid

Children come out of their houses

Like little snow men clapping

Playing with balls of snow

And making winter smile

Vinushree Patel



The smog comes

Along with the smoke

Not silent like the fog

Crashing the cars and the trucks

Over the highways

And the streets to walk

Arnav Jain



The pleasant showers of rain

Looking like strings of pearls

Nurture the little plants

The flowers are blooming

The dirt is disappearing

Like a bad dream.

Harshita Parkhi



You never know when its going to come with a surprise

Its like pearls falling from the sky

It has a smell of pleasure in it, with a snack!

Though it drenches you completely

It brings a smile on your face.

Ashita Singh


The Yellow Star

After the melancholy darkness

Comes the yellow star

Generating a lot of happiness

For the funny sunflower

Cherishing my soul again

When it buries its feet in the dust.

Jahnavi Mokshmar



All away there is smell

Of wet mud

And puddles of water everywhere

Children dancing in the rain

Enjoying, playing with their friends

A peocock’s dance announces rain’s arrival.

Aagam Bandi



The rain comes

On the waiting leaves

It rests there

As a mirror to the jungle

But then drop by drop

Disappears into the soil.

Kunal Bansal



Fluffy-fluffy like cushions

Hovering over the sky

With their vivid colours

Magical powers they have

Never do they come down

They take so much pride in themselves.

Ishita Jain