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Fog – 2

Author: Class X E

Students were asked to write short poems similar to ‘Fog’ by Carl Sandburg.


With the chocolates and ice-cream mode on

Picnics and water all day

With the anxiety when the holidays will end

It’s the holy season of summer

With candyfloss all over.

Khushi Jain



The clouds rise from the lake

And settle at the foot of the hills

The hills look at them

But cannot look at them for long

As the sun rises

And the clouds lift away.

Shreyas Kumar



It brings sneezes and shivers

Bear like creatures walking all around

Tea and cakes people have, sitting beside the fireplace

Red cheeks, red nose and a handkerchief in hand

The winters are the season of sleep and chocolate.


The sun jostling through the sky

Reaches the earth

Kick starts the day with tea and cheer

It stares into dark eyes which gleam

And look like fresh honey

It wakes up the buds and wishes ‘Morning, its sunny!’

Suhani Salgia



The winter comes

Slowly creeping in

It builds up gradually

Like a wave

But then the sun comes out

And the cold crashes down.

Pratyush Shrivastava



The fire can destroy

The fire can build

Everyone has his own

Fate and will

The fire ignites and

Enlightens the soul.

Samriddhi Singh



Clouds are roaming cotton candies

Fluffy and moist

Mornings are a treat to watch

When they let the sun from heaven

Touchdown on the earth.

Radhika Bhagwat



It’s October and the rain is still here

It started off with a peaceful drizzle

Making all around a misty landscape

But at times it turns violent

Causing destruction by raining 24X7.

Aryaman Singh



It is a bright beautiful day

Birds sitting on the tree

with little warmth in the atmosphere

the sun shines so bright

giving most of its light

to the world in sight.

Saniya Wadhwani