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Fog – 3

Author: Class X E

Students were asked to write short poems similar to ‘Fog’ by Carl Sandburg.


Soft rays of the sun

So wondrous and lovely

Fill everyone’s heart with hope

Every morning, filling us with gratitude

It is a source of freshness for one and all

Convincing us to move forward and rise above all.

                   Shreya Shukla



Along eastside

The bright sunshine

Seven in the morning

All vermilion

And here it rises

With a great shine.

                   Dhwani Khatwani



The rain

Brings darkness

Symbolising darkness

Like a dark night

But still after that

Comes a bright morning

                   Saanvi Aggarwal



The tornado comes

Like charging bulls

Full of energy, full of life

But causes destruction

Like an avalanche.

                   Ishaan Yadav



Where blue meets blue

At the horizon, at the bright dawn

The waves come and go

Dropping behind the rocky and

Precious glittering sand.

                   Tanvi Shah



Moutains are so huge

And pretty

When it rains

It seems that

They have been erased

From the face of the earth.

                   Tanya Sadh



The snow falls

Hiding all the other siblings of nature

Expressing its presence over all of them

Bringing with it the festivity of Christmas

With decorated homes

And messy children.

                   Soumya Parwal



The tornado comes with a rage

Taking all the things

Coming in its way

It causes destruction

All over the place

It takes people’s

Houses and tears them away.

                   Netra Singh