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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


Goopy and Bagha

Author: Trisha Gajabi and Manya Shah, Class VI B

Goopy and Bagha

Trisha Gajabi, Class VI B

If everybody had liked the beat of Byne and

If everybody had liked the song of Gyne,

Then they both couldn’t have met each other,

Their journey of adventure couldn’t have gone any further.

Their life would not have anything new yet,

Instead they formed a duet.

Ahoy, ahoy, ahoy, here comes the king of ghosts,

Asking them – what are the three things

That you want most?

We’ve got our wishes granted, but

If you were in our place,

What would have you wanted? – they said.



Manya Shah, Class VI B

A book never asks whether you are young or old

Neither does it ask whether you are simple or bold.

It never asks whether you are rich or poor.

It just asks – can you read me sooner?


A book remains a man’s best friend,

Even when it has come to an end.

Books take me from reality to imaginary

In one and only place called a library.