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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


Happy Endings

Author: Aaliya Chandurwala, Class XII D

It’s not yet over if that’s not how you wanted,
for He will bless you as your deeds has He counted.
Don’t fear what you’re doing is erroneous, for it may seem to be enigmatic and gruelling at first,
but isn’t that how you understand the mystery of love?
Mystery it seems, history it may become soon,
but the gravity it contains, that’s a fathomless room.
Be buoyant, be sanguine, that’s what will earn you credit when He ranks you in.
Humanity, altruism and benevolence is what He looks for,
that’s when a happy ending might seem not so far.
Who created ignorance and hatred, may I dare to ask?
For a gracious and truthful heart is what I looked for from the start.
Now that you know what it is that makes the end happy and desirable,
do you vow with me, to ameliorate yourself, a promise undeniable?