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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


Jack and Jill

Author: Aditya Apurva Singh, Class XI E

Here’s a story of Jack and Jill,

And not the cliched, run-of-the-mill.

For in this modern eye-opener,

There is only a metaphorical hill.


Jack was fed up of the job

That was earning him money.

He had ideas in his head which

The whole world found funny.


Under the pressure of his peers,

He slogged all day at work.

Jill, his best friend thought that

Jack’s ideas were superb.


Upon seeing Jill’s interest in the project,

Jack told her to proceed.

He secretly laughed at her innocence,

Didn’t think she would succeed.


Jill’s business like a wild fire,

Spread from New York to Tashkent.

While all that was left for Jack,

Was to sit and repent.


Jack continued his daytime job,

Just enough to pay his bills.

While Jill dared to take the first step,

And climb the metaphorical hills.