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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


My Dream Band

Author: Nayesha Chadha, Class VII C

This is a poem on all the planets. Each planet represents a member of a band.


MERCURY – Guitarist

Mood maker of the band

Making the universe dance with guitar in its hand

Likes to irritate the sun

Thinking that it’s fun

But it’s actually none for the Sun


VENUS – pianist

The hottest of all

Acting like the pianist I recall

The quieter are its strings

The deeper it thinks


EARTH- lead singer

The most beautiful planet inside out

Spreading its voice all around

Is happy in every decision

But likes to concentrate on the smallest precision


MARS- drummer

The most mysterious amongst all the planets

Has very weird habits

Listening to super weird songs

Everyday spending its time in the sky with the dawn



JUPITER- main rapper

Grumpiest of all

Doesn’t like anyone’s opinion at all

Biggest of all

Firing its raps like a cannon ball


SATURN- main singer

The title of chatterbox goes to Saturn

Hitting everyone with its circular ring pattern

Thinks of herself to be very sassy

But her voice makes the whole stage happy


URANUS- guitarist

Having an amazing fashion sense

Keeping up with the trends

Showing her skills on the guitar

Shining bright as a star


NEPTUNE- dancer

The energiser of the group

Dancing around in a loop

The galaxy-wide handsome

Having its own fandom


PLUTO- the common cute dog of the band

The mischievous dog

Loves to go on a jog

Runs away here and there

Such a troublemaker I swear.