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Quality vs Quantity of Life – 1

Author: Arhant Doongarwal, Class VIII F

We humans have arrived on this planet with a a sole purpose – it is our duty to serve mankind relentlessly and perform social and selfless action. We all are gifted beings and we can surely utilise our brain to make the right decision for ourselves. As members of the human race, our existence is vital for the smooth working of the globe. Besides working for the planet, it is also indispensable for us to look after our own entity.

We often get attracted to the materialistic aspect of the world. We humans tend to be jealous. We always wish for more and we are not grateful to have what already has been provided to us by the Almighty. In this materialistic world, we have forgotten our true selves and we are completely lost in the worldly items that his world offers. We compare our status in the society with others. we are constantly diverted by the consumeristic world and tend to forget the purpose of our arrival on this planet.

We need to revive our memory and think about the pleasant and tension-free moments that we spent in our childhood as an innocent child. But, as we grew, we lost our innocence and gained arrogance. A true human in one who can maintain modesty and purity in life. There is an immense need for every human to look forward to living a life of decency and morality. We need to perform good deeds for others and make their life blissful. We need to be sensitive to others’ feelings and must respect their thoughts.

It is obligatory to maintain a balance between materialism and our real aim of existence. We must not mix the two ideologies and should keep a gap between them. The human who applies this in life has lived a divine life in true terms. We must always keep the following motto in mind:

Be Remembered For Good!