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Anugoonj 2019

November 23 2019

Anugoonj, the much-awaited annual cultural event of the school, was a grand extravaganza. The soulful music of the choir and orchestra, the enchanting dance drama, the mesmerizing Indian dances and the thought-provoking plays, beautifully weaved into an exquisite bouquet by the anchors, held the audience in thrall.

The details of the various items are as follows


1. Orchestra

Evening breezes, water splashes, shine of the blue heron and the rustling percussion of a river : aren’t they in perfect rhythm? The bond between the human soul, nature and music is everlasting because music is not just the sound which one can hear or feel, It is rather a perspective which is experienced with the ignition of sound. Through this orchestra performance, we aim to celebrate the perspective of all pulsating music.  Watch  young musicians of Shishukunj play the symphony in various Ragas and themes in this enthralling performance that captivates the miracle that life is as they present before you a bouquet Indian classical and semi classical tunes. Enjoy the enchanting and melodious welcome harmonies, on the heart soothing background of, of the piano,  guitar, tabla , mandolin , synthesizer , congo, bongo, drums, octopads, matki, and harmonica  that will surely soothe your hearts and souls.



2. Vandana

She is the triumvirate of wisdom, bliss and love- Sole autocracy of absolute light. Her speech is like a war cry, her thunder gait like the march of God.On her throne in the inner world of mind, she restores hope in failing hearts. The harmony of her puissant voice ushers the world into the brightness of power.

Indian spirituality celebrates the inherent and eternal divinity within. We strongly believe that the infinite effulgence of bliss shape-shifts into unheard miracles and unparalleled feat with a prayer. What you will watch next is Devi stuti: an offering to the Goddess to whom alone our prayers must reach to bless us and be us in classical Katthak in  raag Parmeshwari.  This Stuti of strength, chastity and grace that seeks to evoke Goddess’s blessings by offering an unflinching devotion, will ensure a smooth session ahead.

3. Life without Internet

With life unplugged I didn’t know if I could I bear the cost?No Facebook to check on. No emails could I see.

I worked offline for hours. Organizing was a dream.So now the internet is back. And I am back on line and on life. . .The junior English play “Life Without Internet” has captured the same emotion of feeling off-life  the moment one is off-line. What has never occurred to one till a certain point in time has become a need like a life line.  The play explores the idea if we can really do without screens, specially one at hand.

4. Arabian Nights

Dance is a progression, an ascent in self. Drama is an insight into life.  The blend of both releases the soul to light and life. Drenched in the same flavour of celebration coming up, before you is Dance Drama— Arabian Nights,  based on Broadway Musical portraying Aladin and his Genie along with their little tale of getting what they never hoped to get. Aladin married his beloved princess and Genie got his freedom. The story flamboyantly expresses a loud and clear credo of the Arabian culture it belongs to and an equanimous blend of discipline of a style and liberty of a drama.



5. Chanakya

We have forgotten Chanakya so we talk of Machiavelli. We probably never read Arthashastra, that wonderful treatise on statecraft, so we quote The Prince. More than 2000 years have lapsed since Chanakya, the astute man behind the rise of the Mauryas, wrote the book, but it is more relevant today than ever before.


Chanakya talks of the importance of law and order, punishing the wrong-doers, measures to curb corruption, war preparedness and foreign affairs. In his book of over 6000 shlokas and sutras, Chanakya tells us in no uncertain terms that a leader has to lead by example. The ship of a State without an able man at the helm is likely to sink sooner than later.


Chanakya assisted the first Mauryan emperor Chandragupta in his rise to power. He is widely credited for having played an important role in the establishment of the Maurya Empire. Chanakya served as the chief advisor to both emperors Chandragupta and his son Bindusara.Watch the making of a great nation along with making of a great teacher in Hindi Play Chanakya

6. Choir

 Hello darkness, my old friend

In the song Sound of Silence, written when he was 21, Paul Simon reveals a complex view of silence. The first stanza with the first line, “Hello darkness, my old friend,” seems to express the value of being in a meditative or reflective state. Alternatively, one’s psychoanalytic self sees in those lines an allusion to the work done by the unconscious during sleep and dreaming. Later, though, he describes the isolation, sense of emptiness, the anomie, when alone and unheard, looking for a moral compass in a harsh society. Clearly, as with any well-written poem, there are many layers of meaning if we silently reflect on Simon’s words as sung by the choir .

7. Gangaur

For the locals of Rajasthan, Goddess Parvati represents perfection and marital love; thus, the Gangaur festival holds a lot of importance for them.  The  next dance GANGAUR  has tried to capture the festival which  lasts for 18 days, honouring Goddess Gauri or Parvati, and celebrating marriage and love. In this celebration, both married and unmarried women take part in the festivities in full enthusiasm, make clay images of Shiva and Parvati, dress them beautifully, offer prayers to them, observe day-long fast for marital happiness and prepare delightful dishes for the family.  Gana signifies Lord Shiva, and Gangaur symbolises Lord Shiva and Parvati together. As per legends, Gauri won Lord Shiva’s affection and love with her deep devotion and meditation. And after that, Gauri visited her paternal home during Gangaur to bless her friends with marital bliss.