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Inter-House Band Competition

November 14 2019

Utsav 2019, celebrated on the 14th of November, also hosted the first-ever Inter-House Band Competition. Participants were from Classes IX-XII, who took the roles of a guitarist, pianist, drummer, singer, and even a rapper! The competition was much awaited by the students and after the performances, it can be said that it was with good reason.

The participants performed on a central stage, completed with dry ice and an energetic crowd. The first house to perform was the Kalam house, playing 90’s music with the backdrop of youthful songs. They were followed by the Kurien house, who performed on new-age beats and inspiring
lyrics. Dhyanchand house cleverly mashed Bollywood and pop culture for a powerful performance. Lastly, the Narayan Murthy house finished the competition on a high, leaving the audience wanting more. The competition was a testament to the unique and wide-ranging talents of Shisyans, who
mastered all instruments and captured the hearts of the audience with their talented performances.

The result of this competition was as follows :

  • First Position : Narayan Murthy House
  • Second Position: Dhyanchand House
  • Third Position: Kalam House