CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


Inter House Scrabble Competition

October 19 2019

Students of Classed VII and VIII participated in the first  Inter House Scrabble Competition conducted in the school . Each house was represented by 04 students : 02 each from Class VII and VIII.

The skill of the students to make new words, using the tiles given was put to test in each turn. They were seen targeting the tiles with the highest scores to gain more points.


Overall House Result

I                   –         Kurien House

II                 –         Dhyanchand House

III                –         Kalam House

Individual Winner

 Position   Name of Student   House 
I Bheeni Jajodia Kurien House
Rishav Dey Kurien House
II Aarna Jain Dhyanchand House
Manaswee Pal Kalam House
Atiksh Sharma Kurien House
III Nishi Soni Dhyanchand House