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Summer Clubs @ Shishukunj – May 2021

July 13 2021

The success of the clubs during the session 2020-21, inspired the students to launch the Summer Clubs @ Shishukunj. The purpose was to keep the students productively and creatively engaged during the summer vacations.

The Summer Clubs @ Shishukunj had a unique approach for a 6 session Summer Capsule. Each session was well planned , keeping the learning outcomes in mind. There were group discussions, debates, competitions, guest lectures, etc. Shishyans participated in each activity wholeheartedly, very often, extending the sessions beyond the stipulated time !

The Summer Clubs @ Shishukunj concluded with a Club Fest in which various clubs collaborated with each other and conducted a wide array of activities. The Culinary club collaborated with the Wellness club, the Anveshika club collaborated with Alpha CS, Public Speaking and Tasveer with the Literary Society, etc. This collaboration was a brilliant example of the interdisciplinary learning which forms an integral part of the NEP.

The Clubs at Shishukunj have a brilliant future ahead and Shishyans can hardly wait for the new club schedule of the academic session 2020-21 to unfurl !