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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


Song of the Toys

Author: Rishita Neema, Class XI D

Look how I am thrown above the shelf
This is beneath the dignity of someone as important as myself
The furry panda bear whose red nose when clicked said “reee”
I used to sit by Bennie’s bed since she turned three
Now her eyes glaze over me.

I am left unknown without a cause
My controls are not yet shut down
The toy car who spanned the floors of the house
I dreamt of running the world around
I pity my hopes now.

How dusty it is where her mother made me sit
Oh how I remember the times our house rang in my chimes
The elegant fairy who hung on the window sill
I filled the house in laughters and smiles
Didn’t know so soon would come the time for goodbyes.

We cannot cry from these beaded eyes
We ache in unsaid pain behind stitched smiles
Our Bennie too found the rhythm of the crowds
To march along to
In looking for things easier to lose.

In the world’s loud noise
Drowns out the song of the toys
We can do nothing but sit here
Living the long forgotten glimpse of yesteryear
That passed a little too quickly.