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The Art of Laziness

Author: Nibbana Wadhwani, Class VI D

Laziness is the first step towards productivity. Sometimes people are not lazy, they are just in their energy saving mode. For example, if a person is sleeping before an exam, while others are busy studying, that does not mean that the person is lazy and wants to sleep, but he or she is simply conserving energy.

People are not lazy, they simply have some other dominant objectives. We are taught at a young age that being lazy is a terrible thing and we should get up and go out into the world do something useful, but honestly, no average person can say that lazy days aren’t enjoyable.

Lazy people are more creative and often come up with innovative ideas because they have more free time. Many grownups, including our parents, scold us for not being energetic. However, what many people don’t realize is that most of the brilliant ideas in this world came from people who were lazy and wanted to invent tools to reduce the amount of work. Throughout history, many great inventions are born from laziness.

If any of your friends or relatives says that lazy people can’t go ahead in life then it’s absolutely not true. I completely agree with the fact that you need to put in efforts but more than the title of “Smart work”, I would like to categorize it as “Effective hard work”.

A well-known author once said , “laziness is the sickness to success”. Laziness is nothing but a habit of resting before you get tired. Last but not the least, we should not take laziness as an excuse for not reaching your target.