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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


The Beauty of the Shore

Author: Kavyaa Soni, Class IX D

(Note: This poem talks about the beauty of life in contrasting situations. The dark side is beautiful too and the beautiful side is dark too. So there is beauty in everything. Loving yourself as you are is the main message of the poem.)


A pastel sky, tinted in blue

A turquoise sea, right in front of you.

The gentle waves tickle your feet,

Washing away the agony from underneath.


The sun rays brushing your skin

Your hair dancing with the wind.

Both the elements with a contrasting tint

Just how your life has been.


The ocean exhibits the dark times,

Moments of the blue devils in your life.

But the marine life is exquisite too

There is always a blaze burning in you.


The sky manifests the vivid times,

Moments of peace in your life.

But the sky gets dark too,

When Luna touches the heavens.


Life is full of contrary emotions

My heart lies with the ocean.

Find beauty in everything

And love the life you’ve been living.


I open my eyes to see the twilight

Have you seen the ocean glow in the night?

The elements switch their prior tint

Just like how your life has been.