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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


The Betrayal of a Hacker

Author: Anuhya Singh, Class X G

Andrew knew that the tables had turned and that he had to do something to save his company. He took out his folders and tried to find the numbers of the gentlemen who had offered help once. But all those gentlemen very politely declined seeing the company in deep crisis.

With dawn peeking through the clouds, Andrew sat in his office perplexed. The problem arose when they transferred all their data online. He lost all his customers and his sales kept going down. Moreover, his connections were cut. He had his suspicions that the rival company might be the culprit which caused this mess but he couldn’t make any allegations just yet.

After hours of investigation he came to the conclusion that he had been hacked by someone in his company – someone very high up since the information accessed was highly classified. He checked the users who could access the data and found one of his office computers online. He crept into the hall and saw a man fumbling with the computer keys. It was his brother Tim who was destroying the company files.

Once Andrew had caught him red-handed, Tim confessed that he had always been envious of Andrew’s position and how the family had handed the company to him without even considering Tim. He thought if he could make Andrew look bad, they would reconsider.

Andrew knew that Tim was very capable and it was just jealousy that had corrupted him. Andrew decided to condone Tim’s deception and offered him an equal partnership in the company. Tim realized his mistake and also how Andrew was truly the better of them. The two brothers from then on successfully managed the company.