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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


The Dungeon

Author: Kushagra Saklecha, Class VII B

One sunny afternoon the sly, clever and crafty cat, Tom, was sleeping. The mischievous and crafty mouse Jerry, got a splendid chance to steal cheese from the kitchen. So Jerry took the chance and cautiously went into the kitchen. He thought Tom was sleeping but he was wrong. Tom was pretending to sleep so that when Jerry came by, he would catch him and please his master.

Tom was sitting near the cheese quietly and peacefully waiting for Jerry to arrive. He soon came by and was about to take the cheese when Tom leapt towards him. But Jerry was fast and Tom could not catch him. So Tom started to run behind Jerry to catch him. And off they went from the living room to the bathroom, from the dining room to the master’s room. But Tom could not catch Jerry.

While they were running, they reached a room unknown to them or their master, the dungeons. As soon as they reached here, they stopped running and started walking cautiously as they were not aware of the dangers lying ahead. After walking some distance they saw a bright glimmer, and they realized that it was coming from a chest full of precious gems.

They thought that they were dreaming, so they pinched each other. But they realized they weren’t so they filled their pockets with as many as gems they could and then they went back. After that they lived a happy and rich life.