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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


The Miracle

Author: Eesha Turakhia, Class X C

Twitty, a beautiful bird, had a nest on one of the oldest trees of the jungle. That day, the air smelled of a storm that would engulf the entire forest.

Twitty was a mesmerizing creature that left me awestruck! She had huge feathers dotted with golden spots. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere since my car was out of fuel. I could see the dark clouds falling low and covering the earth’s horizon.

I ran out looking for a refuge and just then the rain started pouring. I stood still under a tall, leafless, oak tree where I saw Twitty sitting on its topmost branch. Thunder rumbled, the trees rustled and the wind swooped.

It started to rain cats and dogs. All of a sudden, the earth’s core grumbled. I could see a deep crack forming in the ground it was as if the earth wanted to eat us all alive. And yes, there was an earthquake and I fell down the deep pit.

I lost all hope. I could no longer survive such a horrible night. I prayed to the Almighty as now only a miracle could save me.

A huge electric bolt struck the oak tree and there flew Twitty whose wings sparkled in the lightning. The golden spots of her wings illuminated and she transformed into a huge heavenly beast with large wings. It was as though God answered my prayers. She swooped down the pit and carried me up on her back.

We flew amidst the dark clouds and over them. I could not believe my eyes. I was over the horizon and could see the vast landscapes below.

All of a sudden, I woke up and found myself in my car. The petrol tank was full and the forest seemed as it was before – with no damage due to the rain. But I found inside my pocket a black feather with golden dots!