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The Path Ahead

Author: Arhant Doongarwal, Class VIII F

Career plays an enormous role in our life. We are all fascinated by the profession of various people. A correct choice of career gives a sense of direction to our lives. A person in the appropriate career is admired in the society. We also enhance our learning and skills by selecting the suitable career for us. While operating to achieve our path in life, we get a chance to improve upon our shortcomings and correct our mistakes. In this world, every person wants to be ahead in his/her field and having a perfect career gives us opportunities in life.

Having said all this, now, I would like to focus on some excellent career choices that shall make an impact in future. Some leading career options are as follows:

ROBOTICS: Humanity has a long-cherished dream to make smart machines which can reduce wastage and ensure precision. Robotics has made this come true. Robots are being used in fields such as military, industries, etc. We also have home-use and disaster-relief robots. Prominent space agencies like ISRO have made use of robots in various space programme. Robot scientists are in great demands. Many well-known institutes conduct courses in this field. With the help of artificial intelligence, we shall soon be able to see immense development in this field.

AERONAUTICS: Humankind has always been amused by flight. Aeronautic science helps to improve flight safety, fuel efficiency and speed. The aviation market is increasing at a fast pace. The big flight giants such as Boeing, Airbus and HAL are in a need of aeronautical researchers, consultants and designers. Institutes like IIT Kanpur offers courses in this field. With the growing world of aeronautic science, we shall soon fly at supersonic speed and reach other parts of the world in minutes.

PATHOLOGIST: Pathology is a very diverse stream of science as there are thousands of microbes to study. It has been very helpful in medicine as it can be used to make vaccines and antibiotics. Institutes like AIIMS offer master’s degree in pathology. Research is being done in order to develop vaccines that can prevent multiple diseases. The aim of a pathologist is to develop medicines to treat people at affordable cost.

SPACE SCIENTIEST The future of space science is very vibrant. Space science has led to ground-breaking discoveries that have changed the course of human life. Astrophysics, Astronautics and Astronomy have an unending horizon in future. Indian Institute of Space Sciences and Technology offers programmes in this field and most graduates find a place in ISRO. With growth in this field, we shall soon be able to set up colonies on other planets!

NEUROSCIENTIEST: Neuroscience is a very extensive field and depends on what specific aspect one wants to work with. It can cover dimensions of medical science, engineering and psychology. In future, neuroscience can help to understand our brain and can help to treat neural disorders. Neuroscientists are in demand at hospitals and research institutions across the world. AIIMS offers substantial courses in neurology.

Dedication, Determination and Consistency are the keys to success. Be it in any field or career you want to excel in, if you have these three qualities no one can block you.

So gear up my friends because ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’ – Abraham Lincoln