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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


The Plea to be Free

Author: Akarsha Garg, Class VI E

Hear the cries of the animals

They need your help,

But instead of helping them,

People are busy counting their wealth.


“You were a prisoner too

How did you feel then?”

Asks the lion of the zoo,

“Didn’t the women cry then

When British imprisoned their men?”


I have the right to stay free

Says the bird with her mate

Everyone has the right to freedom

Doesn’t that your constitution state?


‘Tigers are dying of poaching’

You learn that about me,

But you keep buying our parts

Instead of making us free!


Hear the cries of the animals

Say all the animals of the zoo

We all want to be free

Under the spectacular shades of blue.


Please don’t destroy on habitats

By building houses and malls

We plead to you with us our might

Listen to our protesting calls.