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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


The Real God

Author: Manvay Rawat, Class IX G

And there he goes again.

For the sailor was back on a voyage,

Risks none, just a lot to gain,

This time choosing the right track.


The treasure was left buried somewhere

His goal was to find it all,

Myths and stories had he heard a lot

But no support to take the final call.


With guts and preparation, he left for the island,

Not alone but with a lot of courage,

Instead of jewels or a chest of coins

All that he found there was an old sage.


The sailor asked the sage for the treasure,

For he’d not understood the reality still,

Before going to the long sleep,

The sage finally said the magical words.


While going back home the sailor pondered

On how the words mean what,

In a few words the sage had explained

Something which even long essays fail to.


All that the sage had said,

Left a deep impact on the sailor,

For he had understood crystal clear

That he was his own god and his body his treasure.