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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


The Spectacle

Author: Goransh Thakur, Class VI D+E

In the city of Philadelphia, there lived a gentleman named Justin Later. He was a peculiar and venturesome man. One day while walking through his garden he saw a cactus plant that he had planted when was young.
Suddenly, the plant began to move. Justin was frightened and ran out of the garden as fast as his legs could walk. When he left the garden, his neighbours came and saw more cactuses growing on top of each other. Soon, the whole garden was covered with cactuses. After an hour the cactuses started moving out of the garden, into the streets and destroying the houses. Everyone in the city was looking for a safe spot to stay. The cactuses were eating the local people and the tourists. All the shops, malls and parks were closed and there were cactuses wandering all around like guards.
Justin was alive and he was living in a tree house hotel with some other people. One girl among them shouted, “Oh! I need a charger, my phone is dead.” Justin was also very hungry but all they had with them was some bottles of Sprite. Justin asked the lady, “I also want some sandwiches to eat so can we both go out and get food and your charger.” One man said, “No you cannot go out, the cactuses will eat you.”
Justin and the lady still set out to buy the essentials. Slowly and carefully, they bought the stuff and escaped from the market. After some time, they were back in the hotel, safe and secure.
Justin was in his bed and he realised that it was a dream and told his mom about his dream. Both of them laughed very hard and started the day with a nice mood.