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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


The Thunderbolt

Author: Samaksh Jain, Class X G

Twitty, a beautiful bird, had a nest on one of the oldest trees of the jungle. That day, the air smelled of a storm. So, in order to protect her eggs from the storm, she went in search of sticks and leaves to cover the nest. While searching, she ended up in a circular patch full of leaves. Just when she was about to take off with the leaves, she saw a man standing in the middle of the patch. She hid herself behind the trees before the man could spot her. What she saw next was unbelievable!

Lightning started striking the circular patch and suddenly another man appeared out of the lightning. Twitty couldn’t understand what was going on. So, she decided to wait and watch. The man who was already there approached the other man and said, “Oh father, bless me with power, courage and strength so that I can win this war for my people.” The other man said, “Hercules, my son, my blessings are always with you.”

The other man raised his arm in the air, mumbled some spells and suddenly there came in his hand the Thunderbold of Zeus, which had the power to destroy civilizations with a single blow. Twitty realised that the man who had appeared out of the lightning was none other than the God of Gods and the controller of lightning, Zeus, and the other man was his son, the yielder of strength and power, Hercules.

Zeus then gave his thunderbolt to Hercules and said something inaudibly and disappeared into another lightning. Twitty was then able to understand that Hercules had called his father Zeus for help in a war.

Hercules started walking out of the jungle and Twitty followed him. After following him for some time, she entered an open battlefield and the view she saw was disheartening. There were people lying dead on the ground and their blood flowing through. Hercules went to the centre of the battlefield and shouted, “You shall pay for my people’s lives.” And with all his power, struck the thunderbolt on the ground.

The earth shook, cracks appeared and his enemy’s army fell into the earth as though they were being swallowed by it. Terribly frightened, Twitty then quickly flew back to her nest and hid herself in it with her eggs. She did not know what happened after it but she was very frightened and didn’t dare to venture into that patch again.