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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


The Truth of Man

Author: Rishika Jain, Class X G

Once there was a little boy

Who wanted to disappear,

Just play with his toy.

Since birth he had only one fear,

He feared Man, I’ll tell you why.

Men are selfish, cruel and naïve

They’re driven crazy by pleasures of life,

They are possessive and controlling,

And believe only they’re hard-working.

Men think they’re better than the rest,

But a bird too works to build her nest.

A lion works and catches its prey.

A chicken runs from being served on a tray.

To the little boy I must say,

The trust is sad – Man is bad!

And to man himself I must say –

There’s a thin line between use and exploit

Everything is finishing day-by-day,

The end of humankind is not far away!