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Ups and Downs of Life

Author: Keshavi Sodhani, Class VII F

Robin – a bird
Daniel – a bird
Mr. Tree – a tree
Mrs. Sitaji – a lady
Mr. Prithviraj – a man

It was a bright sunny day. Robin and Daniel, two birds, were roaming in the sky looking for a tree. They were unable to find any tree where they could build their nest. Some of them had dried up or some were cut. Soon, they found a lush, green tree with huge leaves. They thought that this tree would provide them all their needs. They flew towards that tree but heard a voice saying, ‘STOP!!!!.’ Who could have said so? Let’s see-
MR. TREE – Hey, please stop. I know that you are in need of a house but don’t choose me as your house.
ROBIN- (politely asked) Hello Mr. Tree. I respect your words. Till now, no tree ever told us to not make a house on them so why are you saying so? Every tree tells us that we will make good friends. Don’t you want us to be friends with you?
Mr. Tree said so because of a reason which was in favour of the birds. But he did not wish to tell them the reason. Soon a fight started between the tree and the birds. The tree did not wish to tell the reason to the pair of birds but on the other hand, Robin and Daniel were eager to know the reason. Mrs. Sitaji saw the birds and the tree fighting. She went near them to know the reason for their fight. Mrs. Sitaji worked in a company which protected the trees from getting cut. After retirement she had planted six hundred trees. In short, she was a tree lover.
MRS. SITAJI – Hello! What’s going on here? May I know the reason behind your fight? Can you sum up the whole story?

DANIEL – Hello lady! This tree is not letting us make our house on him. The Constitution of Birds says that no tree can stop any bird from making a house on them. So why is he stopping us? On asking the reason, he is quiet. Not uttering a single word. Isn’t it frustrating?
MRS. SITAJI – He is right. You can’t stop him. I’ve read the Constitution of Birds. And you should state the reason. It’s then up to the birds to decide whether to make a house or not. SPEAK…
MR. TREE – Ma’am, my reason is in favor of them. Yesterday, Mr. Prithviraj came with his two officers to cut the trees near me. They were going to cut me but it started raining. I heard them saying that they were going to cut me today. And of course, even the weather is sunny. Maybe it’s God’s wish that I should no longer live on this Earth.
ROBIN – (with a sad face) Oh, you sweet tree! I’m so thankful to you that you stopped us. Sitaji, it is now our duty to save this tree. Sitaji, you worked in the company which protects the trees. So, you must know all the procedures. Please save this tree.
MRS. SITAJI – That’s the spirit! Saving trees is not only my duty but is my work as a citizen of this Earth. I will try my best to save this tree. Don’t worry dear.
Soon, they heard the voice of large tractors which were used to cut trees.
MR. TREE – Daniel and Robin, please go away from here. If they see you, they will trap you and then everyone knows what they will do with you two. Let them only kill me.. FLY OFF…
(Mr. Prithviraj entered)
MR. PRITHVIRAJ – Aaj ek pe doosra free. Hey you! I am talking to you, the birds. Just fly off from here otherwise even you will die with this tree. I am warning you the very last time.
MRS. SITAJI – Shut up you fools! Neither will they fly away nor will you take this tree with you! Mark my words.
MR. PRITHVIRAJ – You old lady! My name is Prithviraj Solanki and according to my name, I rule this Earth. You are no one to stop me. People like you come in my way always but I know how to deal with such people. Ha Ha Ha…
MRS. SITAJI – That’s great! You take the meaning of your name in such a way. I thought that you are the one who is going to save this Prithvi. Mr, try to look at these trees and birds. Don’t you have a heart? How would you feel if your house was snatched from you? Sad, right? They feel the same. Why do you want to sin by taking the lives of these living creatures? Even they have loved ones. How will they feel about losing them? Of course, sad. Don’t do this. I am warning you for the last time otherwise the case may go into the court. The Constitution of India provides me that right. I, Mrs. Sita till now have closed forty eight such companies which cut the trees just for their advantages. Don’t challenge me!
MR. PRITHVIRAJ – I regret. Please forgive me.
MRS. SITAJI – Don’t say sorry to me. Say sorry to God for your sins. Say sorry to your soul. Say sorry to the soul of those trees who are not alive but have died because of you.
MR. PRITHVIRAJ – Dear lady, you have opened my eyes. I can’t bring the life of those trees back but I can plant one tree daily and fulfill my destiny, can’t I? I, today itself, will close all the companies which work under me and are involved in cutting trees. Now I am going to open a new company for planting trees and would like to make you the manager of the company. Will you join us? We really need such a person in our lives who can advise us.
MRS. SITAJI – Yeah, sure! So everyone, repeat after me-
“We won’t cut trees. We will plant more and more trees, starting today. This is our pledge. And we will follow these words in any situation.”
Everything ended well. It is said, “We can and we will win.” The same happened. The birds and Sitaji decided to stop Mr. Prithviraj from cutting the tree and they won. Never lose hope. A person can live without food for four weeks, without water for four days, without air for four minutes but without hope, a person can’t live even for four seconds. So never lose hope. Ups and downs are the nature of life. All the best! And please, a request to all the readers to plant a sapling at least once a week.