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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


When He Fell

Author: Aaditya Shukla, Class IX E

Dark clouds rose,

From the now barren land,

Enveloping all those present,

Turning everything to shadows.


War machines and armed men,

Trod the battlefield,

A scene, feared by all humanity,

Had taken a visible form.


A man rose on one side,

While one fell on the other,

Both of them knew,

The result of the scene.


A cry rose within,

The one who had stood,

For the one who had fallen,

Whose soul had already left.


Who says a soldier can’t cry,

Because a deep buried clause,

From his soul had risen again,

Pouring all what was filled in.


A solitary tear trickled down,

To mouth chanting for mercy,

From the Almighty, the Supreme,

For what he had done.


A creek became a waterfall,

Washing down his face,

Down to mix with,

The earth’s soft soil.


We yearn for peace,

To live in harmony,

And we only fight,

Claiming to restore peace.


Whom we proclaim,

As family and brethren,

Are the countries,

Which we fight against.


All these sins,

Are taken by soldiers,

Who fight for their country,

In the name of peace, unachieved.


All these thoughts ran,

In his mind,

All understood by a soldier,

But not by the leaders.


A cold metal piece,

Entered his heart,

As he fell on his knees,

A smile grew on his face.


He thanked the Almighty,

For calling him above,

He knew he deserved it,

Because he had killed a brother.